Getting Used to My Glass Slippers

Not Exactly Glass Slippers

Well…they aren’t exactly glass slippers, they are sneakers, but for me, they might as well be.

I don’t start my training program until next week (exactly 1 week from today to be exact) but I have to get used to my shoes.

I’m not breaking them in, I’ve worn them before. Its just that its literally been years since I’ve put them on. You see, a few months after I got these shoes, winter ended in Florida, I put on a pair of flip-flops and never put on a sneaker again.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve worn a pair of Converse on occasion (mostly on cold days where I needed socks to keep my feet warm), but pretty much since about midway through my freshman year in college barefoot has been my MO, wearing flip-flops when shoes are necessary.

So I figured I’d give myself a week to get used to these puppies by wearing them when I take EJ for his walks.

Because when you are used to this


Wearing those sneakers feels like wearing these:



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