Let’s Get Down to Business

Tuesday night was Day 1 of training.

For as much as I was looking forward to Tuesday, when the day arrived I was pretty much like this:


I ran out of emotional energy, or “Spoons” as I call it (go and read The Spoon Theory for an explanation of the term, as well as insight into what its like to live with an invisible but debilitating disorder. She writes from the perspective of someone with Lupus, but it equally applies to mental illness like depression) around noon, so I had a very long day.

By the time Hubby got home I really didn’t want to do anything other than go to bed, but I had found myself in the middle of some stupid Facebook drama and so I convinced myself that not only did I need to go run, but it would be a good way to clear my head and step away from the drama.

It was a gorgeous night, so that helped.

After our warm up walk we had to alternate between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking. Every time we started jogging, EJ giggled and squealed, he liked when the stroller went fast.

The jogging didn’t go too badly for me. I’m glad that I took a week to get used to my shoes, because if I hadn’t I probably would have looked (or at least felt) like this


Yesterday was an interesting day.

It was supposed to be my day to “take it easy” to give my legs a rest, since they aren’t used to so much exercise.

But I woke up with quite a few spoons, as well as motivation (maybe there is something to this running makes you feel better thing). So I took EJ and walked the 2+ mile round trip to the grocery store, bought the ingredients I needed for dinner then went home and put it all in the crock pot (I may have been motivated, but I wasn’t quite motivated enough to spend my day slaving over the stove).

At that point my legs were like


They are still not very happy with me (and they don’t even know I’m going to make them run again tonight).

So yeah we’ll see what happens tonight.

In the meantime here are my stats from Tuesday:

Week 1, Day 1 Stats 9/16/2014

Distance: 2.31 miles

Time: 42 minutes 14 seconds

Average Pace: 18 minutes 28 seconds per mile

Motivation: 2/3

Emotion: 3

And just for the heck of it, my emotional & motivational scores for yesterday, 9/17

Motivation: 6/7

Emotion: 3


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