Be Prepared

That was my lesson this week. I need to think ahead and plan properly for my runs.

To say this was a tough week running wise might be an understatement.

In my last post I wrote about how I made the mistake of walking to the grocery store on my rest day. That wasn’t the only mistake I made this week, but I’ll get to those in a moment. For those of you wondering what my legs felt about me after Thursday’s run (given that this was how they felt Thursday morning), this pretty much sums up my leg’s response to me after the run


Now, for the rest of the mistakes I made this week. On Thursday I accidentally over caffeinated myself. I don’t drink a lot of caffeine because it causes my heart to race, a problem I can sometimes have even without caffeine. On Thursday I was dragging a bit, so I had a coffee in the morning. Then we were out shopping (I was tired of not having anything comfortable to run in so I insisted on going to get some proper exercise clothes) Hubby insisted on stopping at Starbucks. At that point I had forgotten I had already had a coffee that morning, so I ordered a Trenta sized tea (which is a typical order for me if its the only caffeinated drink I have that day). Then with dinner we had BBQ pork sandwiches, and of course you can’t have BBQ sandwiches without sweet tea. I don’t remember the last time I consumed so many caffeinated beverages in one day.


Just after we finished our warm up, my heart rate went through the roof. I wasn’t able to keep running. Then I threw up. That was the best part.

You may not believe me but it was. It has something to do with the vagus nerve: my heartrate spikes, I puke, my hearterate goes back to normal and I feel fine.  Its pretty jarring to see in person: I puke, whoever I’m with freaks out, and I’m like “Ok I’m good now!”

I'm like The Doctor, and whoever I'm with usually has a response similar to Amy

I’m like The Doctor, and whoever I’m with usually has a response similar to Amy

or if I try to explain it before it happens, their response is more like this


Thankfully this time it happened when only Hubby was around, because he understands (he was actually the one who explained the vagus nerve thing to me so I could understand it) and is used to it, so he doesn’t freak out and is usually expressing the looks of annoyance that I’m feeling as my stomach empties itself, which to bystanders make him appear to be some sort of heartless bastard.

I recovered, rinsed out my mouth, we started our workout over and was fine for the rest of the run.

Then yesterday I made another stupid mistake. I ate 2 burgers for dinner about 2 hours before the work out. I figured that would be plenty of time to digest and be ok to run, but apparently not. At various times during the run I thought I was going to puke again (thankfully I didn’t) and my pace was WAY slower than it should have been.

So now I know, don’t over caffeinate and eat dinner after the workout.

I also learned that I need to invest in a squirt bottle for my drinking needs on my runs.

This was pretty much me

Despite the stock photo model's attempt, there is no sexy or glamorous way to choke on the little water that does get into your mouth

Despite the stock photo model’s attempt, there is no sexy or glamorous way to choke on the little water that does get into your mouth

Except I have one of those wide-mouthed Nalgene bottles and once you get to about the 3/4 full point, it is impossible to drink out of it while moving and get more water on your face than in your mouth.

Anyways, today is 2 for 1 day for stats (Yay for you!)

Week 1, Day 2 Stats 9/18/2014

Distance: 2.29 miles

Time: 42 minutes 30 seconds

Average Pace: 19 minutes 26 seconds per mile

Motivation: 3

Emotion: 5


Week 1, Day 3 Stats 9/21/2014

Distance: 2.01 miles

Time: 34 minutes 54 seconds

Average Pace: 18 minutes 04 seconds per mile

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 6 (poor Hubby…I snapped at him a few times throughout the day)


9 thoughts on “Be Prepared

  1. WalkToRio says:

    I had a friend who once freaked me out during a workout, it was projectile vomiting, I didn’t know what to do or even say. He rinsed his mouth and kept going like nothing had happened. Later he explained, I thought it was fascinating, because everytimes I tossed my cookies at a workout I’d feel like crap for the rest of the session.
    Have a nice week!


    • Yeah, I totally don’t blame people for freaking out, it is pretty jarring. This is especially true when it happens out of the blue (like when I’m not exercising). If it happens in public (like at Disney World) I just lie and say I’m pregnant, it’s easier than trying to explain the whole vagus nerve thing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Camelbak podium squirt bottle is awesome! It has a valve in the nozzle so that you need to squeeze the bottle to drink. I used to have one of those wide mouth water bottles, but all I did was waterboard myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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