I Am on My Way

First of all, I’d like to introduce you to Cora, the Running Heartless Mascot.


Cora was made by my awesome sister in law and will be showing up more around the blog as I get around to tweaking the design.

Now on to last night’s run.

I did NOT want to run last night.

In fact, I did not really want to do anything, not even watch one of my favorite TV shows. I wasn’t having the greatest day depression wise anyays, then I lost the few spoons I had yesterday to an unexpected occurrence in the afternoon and I was just done.

Thankfully Hubby had an exam in his class last night, so he got home a few hours earlier than if it had been a regular lab class. So I didn’t stay in my funk for too long, as he got me to go for our run not long after he got home, instead of at our usual 9pm run time. I felt so much better after the run.

I didn’t have any problems during the run last night, even with the increased length of the running (and walking) segments, which is a nice change from the last two running days.

Best thing of all was our pace last night. We had an average pace of just under 17 minutes, which means we are improving, not to mention getting closer to our 16 min/mi minimum goal (required minimum pace for RunDisney events)

This would have been us when we got our pace data...except we were too tired and sweaty to do anything but take a shower.

This would have been us when we got our pace data…except we were too tired and sweaty to do anything but take a shower.

It really is amazing what exercise can do for your mood. I felt significantly better afterwards and went on to have a pretty nice evening.

And I’m feeling vaguely productive today too. I’m doing some laundry & packing up a suitcase, as we are leaving tonight for a day at Disney World tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be exhausting. A full day at the parks, our evening run, then the 3 hour drive home. I predict that the weekend run will be on Sunday, just to give us some extra recovery time from tomorrow.

And now for the Stats:

Week 2, Day 1 Stats 9/23/2014

Distance: 2.04 miles

Time: 33 minutes 04 seconds

Average Pace: 16 minutes 49 seconds per mile

Motivation: 2

Emotion: 2


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