Even Miracles Take a Little Time

I wish I could say I had a great week, but I really didn’t. It was a tough week, both workout-wise and just in general.
My anxiety reared it’s ugly head and I had a solid 48 hours of being in or near a panic attack.
It was so bad that on Thursday; my heartrate was so high that I couldn’t even finish my warmup.

Basically, this

Basically, I was like this

So we postponed the run to Friday.
I was ok enough to run on Friday, but I wasn’t back to normal, so it was a struggle. I once again made it to the last 5 minute run before it all fell apart. I had to walk the last 2 of the 5 minutes, and I still ended up throwing up.

Me, to my body

Me, to my body

I decided I’d do another do-over run (like I did last week) on Saturday, but had another panic attack so I didn’t.

Sunday night actually went really well. I made it to the end of the workout without stopping!

How I felt emotionally after the run

How I felt emotionally after the run

Well…I did stop, but it wasn’t because I was having trouble running…I inhaled a bug during the first 5 minute run interval.

But inhaling that bug revealed a lot about why I’m struggling toward the end of my runs. My breathing. As I start getting tired (or after inhaling a bug) my breathing, heart rate and movement all get out of sync, so I’m not getting oxygen to my body effectively, which triggers the gagging and if I don’t get that under control, puking. But if I concentrate on my breathing to make sure it stays in sync then I don’t have any problems.

The biggest struggle I had on Sunday was soreness. I started getting sore towards the end of the run, and as of today my quads are still stiff and sore.

If I didn't feel like this, I was probably doing it wrong anyways

How I felt physically after the run

We added some stretching to our workout, perhaps we need to reassess what we are doing there.

After looking at the schedule for this week, which includes a 20 minute run with no walking on day 3, I decided it would be wisest to repeat week 4 before going on to week 5.
I figured if I can get through the 5 minute runs this week then I will feel better prepared for Week 5.
But then I got invited to participate in the charity 5k Hubby’s university is hosting on Friday. And I was like


I figured since it was an evening run, it’s a charity run benefiting the local crisis pregnancy center, and I’m about halfway through training I could use this run as a progress test to compare to the baseline 5k I did before starting C25k.

So I’m continuing on as planned instead of repeating week 4.

Next week we are spending Hubby’s 4 day fall break on a trip to Disney World. We aren’t staying at a Disney resort, but we are blocks from Disney. If you have any suggestions where around Disney we can do our runs, please leave it in the comments, as well as what kind of stretching you do pre/post run.

Another 2 for 1 stats post

Week 4, Day 2  Stats 10/07/2014

Distance: 2.28 miles

Time: 39 minutes 51 seconds

Average Pace: 17 minutes 53 seconds per mile

Motivation: 2

Emotion: 2


Week 4, Day 3  Stats 10/12/2014

Distance: 2.33 miles

Time: 40 minutes 57 seconds

Average Pace: 17 minutes 49 seconds per mile

Motivation: 3

Emotion: 3


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