Every Mile Will Be Worth My While

So I did it. I ran my first 5k.

It was a small event put on by the Sisterhood of St Gianna, on the campus of my Alma Mater as a fundraiser for the local crisis pregnancy center. There were no bibs, no timing chips, nothing really official. Just about 25 or 30 students (and a few community members) running around the Ave Maria University campus.


One of the 2 styles they had for the Race Shirt. I liked this one more.

I came in dead last, over 2 minutes behind the next slowest runner, but I’m not ashamed or disappointed. As a friend of mine told me “last place>did not finish>did not start” and she’s absolutely right. 6 weeks ago I wouldn’t have even considered entering, so the fact that I was able to finish, no matter what place or time is a HUGE success for me.

I pushed EJ in the jogging stroller, something I’m not used to doing (Hubby usually pushes him during our runs) which slowed me down a little. About 3/4 of a mile in I had a gagging fit and ended up throwing up a little bit. I was so thankful that there was a water station at the 1 mile mark, as I needed some cold water. I brought a water bottle, but since I had to walk to the event all the ice had melted by the time the event started, and cold water is one of the best things to stop the gagging when my vagus nerve goes nuts.

I walked a fair bit of the course, but I ran as much as I could. I wasn’t doing regular intervals, I was running until I felt I needed to stop, then walking until I felt I was ready to run again.

The course was a decent course, pretty much going around the whole university. A small part of the course (maybe a 1/4 of a mile) was through grass. The terrain was fairly uneven so even though I was ready to run I walked that part because I was so worried I’d end up wiping out with the stroller if I went faster than a brisk walk. But as soon as we got back onto pavement I started running again.

I finished in 42 minutes…well my official time was probably a bit over that, as I didn’t get my timer started right away (as you’ll see in the stats, which says I only ran 2.9 miles), because as I was starting it the stroller hit a reflector on the pavement, causing me to trip & drop my phone, but I kept going while trying to get it started.

Even with pushing the stroller, tripping, gagging, and puking I still improved on my pre-C25k baseline by 10 minutes

I really enjoyed the course. This was only my second time on campus since graduation, and for many parts of the course the last time I set foot in the area I was still a student. It was kind of weird because I knew pretty much no one on campus. I know a few students who are seniors this year (they were freshmen my senior year) but other than that and a few faculty members, I felt like I was in a strange place, since I knew pretty much nobody who was participating in the event.

I have a feeling that if I didn’t have EJ & his stroller and I didn’t have to walk over a mile just to get to the event I would have probably had a better finishing time. But regardless of all that I still improved on my baseline by over 10 minutes! I am immensely pleased with myself.
I’m looking forward to running my first official event after finishing C25K. I still need to register for it, but the plan is to run the Key West 5k in January.

I didn’t take many pictures during the race, as its kind of hard to run, push a stroller, and take photos. But I got one of EJ pre-race, then a post-race selfie, and my walk home was along part of the course, so I took a few pictures there as I headed home afterwards.

Clearly EJ has been training hard for today's 5k at #AveMariaU

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Tonight is a 20 minute straight run with C25K. I’ll admit I’m not looking forward to it, but I think a lot of that is because I’ve had a really bad weekend where almost everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, so I don’t have a lot of spoons or a real positive outlook on the day.


Oh yes, I suppose I should put in the stats for the event:

Sisterhood of St Gianna 5k For Life (10/17/2014)

Distance: 2.91 miles*

Time: 42 minutes*

Average Pace: 14 minutes 59 seconds per mile

Motivation: 7

Emotion: 7


*Inaccurate due to error when starting my app at the beginning of the race


4 thoughts on “Every Mile Will Be Worth My While

  1. Congrats! You’re way stronger than you think! I would never even consider running a 5k before finishing the c25k program! I’m even cringing at the thought of joining my sister-in-law in a 4.2k next summer! Again, congrats!

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