A Week Off

It wasn’t my intention to not blog and not work out this week. In fact I did go for a run Tuesday night.
But then the we went to Disney World.
I knew we weren’t going to run Thursday night because we went to Mickey’s Not So Scarry Halloween Party. We were planning on running Friday after our day at Animal Kingdom, but that didn’t happen. At that point I made the executive decision that we would not worry about our runs this week and just start the week over from the beginning when we were back home.
And it’s not like we weren’t active this weekend, we spend 3 days at the parks and I put in at least 20000 steps each day.

If you are a Disney fan and have never done Mickey’s Not So Scarry Halloween Party (MNSSHP), I highly suggest you try to do so at least once. Hubby, EJ and I had a blast.

Now the Haunted Mansion is my all time favorite ride, so for Master Gracey and the 999 Happy Haunts to be featured heavily makes me quite happy.


The Boo to You Halloween parade was fantastic, and despite the fact that I don’t do well with fireworks, I absolutely loved HalloWishes.
After all that we just walked around the park. EJ went trick-or-treating for the first time ever. We bought him a light up Mickey pumpkin bucket, which he loved. The first time we got in a candy line, he was VERY confused why the CM was putting things in his bucket. He looked at her, looked at his bucket. Then back at her. Then I took a bag of M&Ms out and gave it to him. The look on his face when he realized that was candy in his bucket was priceless. From then on he was all about the trick or treating.
Something you need to know about EJ is that until very recently he was REALLY shy. As a baby he would cry when any strangers interacted with him, or even make eye contact, he still doesn’t really talk and will not say any of the few words he knows around strangers. The last 2 trips we have taken to Disney have been great for him, as he has really come out of his shell. He will wave hi & bye to people and give hi-5s. So we thought this trip would be a good time to try some character meet & greets. We didn’t want to over do it, so we only did one at MNSSHP, and we thought it wise to start with a face character. So we got in line to meet Gaston. I can’t say he loved it, but he did really well. He gave a hi-5 to him and didn’t act shy at all.


He was a little reluctant to let Gaston have his trick or treat bucket, but he was pretty happy to get it back full of rootbeer barrels, and agreed to Gaston’s condition: “you can only have it if you promise to eat all of these before bed, because no one parents like Gaston”



Making good on his promise to Gaston. Note the Rootbeer Barrel in his hand.

By the way put Gaston at the top of your “must meet” list the next time you are at Magic Kingdom. He is always hilarious and worth the wait (which usually isn’t very long).
After Gaston we did a few more trick or treat lines, rode Haunted Mansion, then headed back to our hotel, as it was 11 something and EJ was ready for bed.


Friday was supposed to be split between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, but we ended up spending the whole day at AK, then went to Downtown Disney (which Hubby had never been to). Unfortunately I didn’t really get any pictures at AK.

Saturday was spent at Epcot, as that was the Main Street Mouse meet-up. If you love Disney then you should check out The Main Street Mouse, they have great articles on their website (as well as sister sites for general Orlando news and geek news), not to mention awesome forums and a wonderful community in their Facebook group.
This was EJ’s favorite day for one reason: Duffy.

Halloween Duffy 11
A little back story: EJ’s first trip to Disney World was last December, when he was 18 months old. One of my missions for that trip was to get his picture with Santa, as we had not yet gotten to the mall and every year I get a photo frame ornament to put his picture with Santa in. We tried with Santa at Magic Kingdom, with no luck. Even with me holding him he wouldn’t stay still long enough for a picture. Then at Hollywood Studios we tried to have Santa Goofy sneak up behind him while he was in his stroller, but again no luck. At that point I had pretty much given up on getting a good picture. Then at Epcot we happened to walk past Duffy in his Santa Suit while EJ was asleep, so we jumped in line and got the cutest pictures.


Just a sample of the utter cuteness that was this photo shoot

Now before this I didn’t really have an opinion on Duffy and had no intention of meeting him. But he was so great for those pictures that I fell in love. So we got a stuffed Duffy and Duffy storybook for EJ. Then this summer we got more pictures of EJ napping with Duffy and another stuffed Duffy.


Tucking in EJ and his Duffy Bear

So Duffy became priority #1 for meet & greets this trip, and in fact was the only character besides Gaston that he met.
Now if you haven’t figured it out from the pictures from the Halloween party. EJ dressed as Duffy (I spent 2 days making that costume). So of course I put him back in his costume for the Meet & Greet.

Halloween Duffy 1
I was still a little worried about how he was going to do with Duffy, but those worries were quickly put to rest as he willingly gave Duffy a hi-5. He was all smiles and giggles and interacted with him even after I stepped to the side, and I almost died from the cuteness of the whole thing.

Halloween Duffy 2
I’m now planning on making a Santa Suit for his Duffy Costume so we can have a picture of EJ dressed as Santa Duffy, holding his stuffed Santa Duffy, with Santa Duffy when we go back in December.

We are back home now and back to running tomorrow.

In the meantime here are the stats for last Tuesday’s run:

Week 6, Day 1 (take 1)  Stats 10/21/2014

Distance: 2.32 miles

Time: 36 minutes 55 seconds

Average Pace: 16 minutes 06 seconds per mile

Motivation: 3

Emotion: 3


10 thoughts on “A Week Off

    • Thanks!
      Duffy is a very unique Disney character. He doesn’t have a movie or anything like that. He started ages ago as “My First Disney Bear” and was just a souvenir you could buy at the park. Then when he was brought over to the Japanese Disney Parks he exploded, so they gave him a name and a back story (Minnie made Duffy for Mickey so he wouldn’t be lonely when traveling. He’s called Duffy, because he rode along in Mickey’s duffle bag) and he’s gaining similar popularity in the US.
      EJ and I just love him.


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