Just Keep Swimming

That has been my mantra this week. I’ve just had to keep repeating it just to get through the week.

It’s not that I’ve wanted to give up, it’s just that I’ve had No energy.
And it’s not just that I haven’t had the emotional spoons, I’ve just physically been dragging.
I’ve been short of breath even when inactive, which has made it hard to do anything and has really killed my motivation.
Friday I took a nap in the afternoon (thankfully EJ took a nap early in the afternoon so I was able to do so), and thankfully I was rested enough that I was able to get through Halloween.
Hubby was working until 9, so I was in charge of both handing out candy and taking EJ trick or treating for his first time (second if you include last week’s MNSSHP).
We totally underestimated the amount of candy we needed this year. 3 years ago we handed out candy in the townhome we lived in here in Ave and we had almost half of it left over.
When we bought for this year Hubby tried to convince me to buy less than we bought last time, but I knew there were more kids in the neighborhood we live in now so I knew we needed at least as much as we had last time we handed out candy in this town.
I ran out of candy in about 30 minutes. But those lucky kids who did stop by my house got a real treat. Because I am THAT house.

As a kid there is nothing I loved more than trick or treating at houses that gave out full sized candy bars, and I vowed that when I became an adult I would be that house. And I have. Every year I have handed out candy it has been full sized bars. I get as much joy out of seeing the looks on kids faces when they are given the bars as I did as a kid receiving big candy bars.
The plus side to running out of candy in 30 minutes is that it gave me the rest of the evening to take EJ trick or treating.
He had a blast and was thoroughly exhausted by the end

I’m really glad last night wasn’t a planned run, because Haloween wore me out.
I’ve been short on breath and spoons all weekend.
Hubby was going to take me to a concert at the University last night to see one of my favorite indie bands, but I just didn’t have the physical spoons to go. Unfortunately the disappointment of not going ended up stealing some emotional spoons. However I was too tired for that to really matter, and I spend a lazy evening on the couch then went to bed early.

I can’t say I’m dreading tonight’s run, but with how I’ve felt all week I’d rather be like this


Some of that is because starting tonight we are no longer doing run walk intervals, but straight up running.
On the plus side we only have 2 weeks left of C25K.

But this week was a tough one, because I haven’t been feeling well.
Tuesday was the start of my problems. The workout started fine, but my heart rate spiked during the walk interval, and I ended up puking.
I learned a valuable lesson that night: Bill Engvall didn’t lie about Peanut Butter (the only thing I had to eat before the run) (relevant part starts at 5:15)

Then Thursday I had a gagging fit (but no puking) that caused me to stop twice during the second run interval. I felt so bad that I had to give myself a minute or two of walking as a way to lower my heart rate before resuming running each time.

I’m hoping that I will feel better tonight, but we shall see.

Week 6, Day 1 (take 2) Stats 10/28/2014

Distance: 2.27 miles

Time: 38 minutes 13 seconds

Average Pace: 17 minutes 05 seconds per mile

Motivation: 3

Emotion: 3

Week 6, Day 2 Stats 10/30/2014

Distance: 2.41 miles

Time: 40 minutes 16 seconds

Average Pace: 17 minutes 07 seconds per mile

Motivation: 1

Emotion: 2


7 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. My mantra of late has been “Let it go,” which has helped a little.

    I ran the Kansas Half Marathon today (and got a PR that I didn’t expect), and as these things go, it reset my system, so I don’t feel so bleak. I expect it all to return in a day or two, but the momentary “normal life” is nice enuf.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know that feeling. Being at Disney World last week did the same for me. It was disappointing when that feeling wore off and I felt like my usual depressed self, but it is encouraging to be reminded that those good feelings are still capable of being felt. It gives me a bit of hope to know those feelings aren’t gone for good and makes me all the more determined to figure out how to feel that way more often.


  2. Keep up the good work, RH! It’s a long journey, with hills and valleys, but stick to your goals and you will do it! Your body will tell you when you need a rest, so when you have those days, take the rest. My best runs have been after rest days or weeks. 🙂

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