Standing on the Threshold of Success

I’m so close, I can almost taste it! Just 6 more runs (including the post program 5k) and a few seconds off my pace and I will have achieved my first goal of being able to run a 5k with a 16 min/mile or better pace.

Last night was AWESOME.


It was a 25 minutes of straight running. I felt like I was unstoppable. I could have probably run a full 5k last night, instead of the 2ish miles I did run.


Like seriously I think this was my best run ever. Oddly I didn’t have much of a runner’s high afterwards, in fact I felt kinda depressed for some reason (I had been feeling depressed most of the day too, so that might have something to do with it). But after I woke up this morning I’ve feel pretty good all day and very proud of last night’s run.


As far as my pace for the run, I’m really not sure what to say. I felt like I had a pretty good pace, but it is hard to say.

I downloaded the Nike+ running app because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it (if you want to add me as a friend I’m RunningHeartless). I ran it concurrently with SHealth, the Samsung Galaxy’s health app, so I could compare them. According to Nike I ran a 15′ 37″ pace, but SHealth says I ran a 16′ 16″ pace.

For the sake of consistency I’ll be using the SHealth numbers in my stats reports until I finish C25K, then I’ll be switching over to Nike, just because I like the app better. It has a lot of features that SHealth lacks, like info on my splits, as well as audio cues letting me know how I’m doing.

So depending on which app I go by, I either had an average pace or a better than average pace.

But either way I felt like last night’s run was a big accomplishment and I ready to attack these last few run head ontumblr-m3fbwmdvqm1qeyp1lo5-250.

I’m still trying to decide what to do for training after we finish C25K.

Because my first planned 5k is in mid-January I could easily do another 5k training program (like the one on the Nike app) and finish it before the race.
However the 10k bridge program spends the first 8 week essentially repeating C25K, which I could theoretically use to try for a faster 5k, and be able to jump right into the 10k part after the event.
I’m leaning towards the latter option, but we will see how things go the next two weeks.

My awesome stats:

Week 7, Day 1 Stats 11/04/2014

Distance: 2.36 miles

Time: 37 minutes 21 seconds

Average Pace: 16 minutes 16 seconds per mile

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 4


4 thoughts on “Standing on the Threshold of Success

  1. I’ve been running for nearly three years now, and I think I can count on one hand the number of clear times I’ve had a “runner’s high.” Most of the time I just feel good after a run, glad I did it, that kind of thing, but not the euphoria of those few times.

    I’ve put in a friend request on Nike+ for your name. I like the app (I use a Nike+ running watch rather than my iPhone), but I think I’m going to go to a Garmin watch at the turn of the year. My watch is 2+ years old, is having trouble finding satellites lately, and seems to give odd distances (the half I did last weekend, for example, came out as 12.99 miles on my watch — not the first time for that kind of thing). Also, I have some friends at Garmin, so I can get their discount.

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    • I don’t always have “runner’s high” but usually after a run I feel either neutral or ok, I rarely have negative feelings after a run, I like running nights as I tend to not be kept up all night by my anxiety or depression. But my hormones have been all over the place lately so I’m not totally surprised that I was randomly feeling sad, but with as good as I felt during the run I was kinda expecting that feeling to linger for at least a little bit.

      It will probably be a while before I can get a running watch, finances are tight so my phone will have to do.


  2. I’m glad your accomplishing your goals. I never followed any training plans. I mostly just winged it. I think my marathon would have been much better (and less painful) if I had trained properly. Don’t be like me!

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    • I thankfully have a friends who are runners, so I’ve been able to pick their brains throughout this whole process. As someone who has never been athletic I knew I needed to follow training plans otherwise I would not stick to it and/or just be completely overwhelmed.


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