Thoughts I’ve Had While Tossing My Cookies

I’ve mentioned before that one of my biggest physical struggles not just in my training, but in my life in general, is my vagus nerve.

Sometimes it’s because I haven’t given myself enough time between eating and doing things (running, walking to the car), sometimes it just happens randomly because my heartrate spikes (during an otherwise normal run, while walking around the mall, while sitting & watching TV). In many ways the latter is more miserable. Once I puke enough I feel fine, but when I have nothing in my stomach that can take a while. I’ve now learned to drink (cold water if it’s available) when I start gagging. Most of the time the drink calms the vagus nerve and stops the gagging so I don’t throw up, but when it doesn’t work at least there are liquids in my stomach so I can puke and feel better faster.

Inspired by this post by BlissfulBritt; I have decided to compile the random thoughts I’ve had while tossing my cookies, most of which have occurred in the last 3ish weeks:


“I’m puking in a restaurant parking lot, I bet everyone thinks I got food poisoning”

Bill Engvall wasn’t kidding, peanut butter really does taste the same coming up as it does going down”

“WHY am I puking in the bushes 5 feet from the ladies room? Was it really too much to ask to hold on for another 45 seconds?”

“Oh great I’m puking at Disney World and people are looking at me. I bet they think I have Ebola”

“If someone says something about Ebola I’m going to loose it and I may attempt to puke on their shoes”

“Oh great there are other people in this public restroom, please let none of them ask if I am ok, no one believes me when I say I’m ok”

“What should I say when someone clearly is skeptical about my insistence that I’m ok? Explaining the vagus nerve is complicated and takes too much time”

“I should joke & say I have Ebola…no I should not, that is a terrible idea”

“I’ll tell them I’m pregnant… but what if they ask me when I’m due…what is 7 months from now? I didn’t show with EJ until I was 6+ months along, so I could probably get away with saying I’m about 2 months along”

“It really is sad how common place this has become for me. No one but a pregnant lady should be so nonchalant about throwing up”

“Ugh I’ve has so much water it’s coming out of my nose! Having puke come out your nose is a distinctly unpleasant experience”

“I’m 2 minutes from the end of my workout, why couldn’t I hold on until the end”

“Great, I can feel my leg muscles tightening, but it’s not exactly easy to keep moving while puking”

“I’m never eating lasagna again”


7 thoughts on “Thoughts I’ve Had While Tossing My Cookies

    • Yeah, the advantage of peanut butter is that unlike a lot of foods, it doesn’t taste like puke, it still tastes like peanut butter.

      I remember when I first developed this problem a few years ago. I went out and had a delicious dinner and 20 minutes later it came back up. I remember telling my then boyfriend now husband “you know it was an amazing dinner when it tasted almost as good coming back up as it did going down” He made this weird face that was part amused and part horrified.


  1. Well, this has never happened to me while running (yet). I came close once when I drank too much water on a 5K, and at mile 17 of my first marathon (the wheels had already come off by then) I did barf a little in my mouth, but the photographer was there, and my wife and DIL will ahead waiting for us, so I, um, dealt with it.

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    • Lol!
      One of the things I’m hoping will happen as I keep running is that my body will start to get used to higher heart rates (my resting heartrate is a bit on the high side, usually in the 80s) and it will stop triggering my gag reflex
      We have been able to figure out what causes the random gagging fits (heartrate triggers my vagus nerve, which signals my stomach to empty), but not why it happens. My anxiety is our best guess so far, so hopefully as my anxiety gets better the gagging will happen less frequently.


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