Swift as a Coursing River

I did it! I ran with a sub-16 min/mile average pace!


This means I am one week away from meeting my first set of goals: Being able to run 5k with a sub 16 min/mi pace.

That pace includes my warmup and cool down. Because I have the C25K, SHealth, Nexercise, & Nike+ apps all running and less than easy access to my phone during the workout it’s easier just to turn it all on when I start, instead of turning on Nexercise & C25K when I start my warmup, then try to get my phone out and Nike+ & SHealth started when I’m supposed to be running. Once I drop SHealth at the end of C25K next week I might be able to start measuring more accurately, but the advantage of including my 5 minute warmup & 5 minute cool down is that it gives me a little extra buffer in my time, even though it skews my data.

Anyways, I was actually really surprised that my time was as good as it was, because I was not feeling like I was running that fast, and I didn’t feel anywhere near as good as I did during Tuesday’s run. I was having a bit of trouble with my breathing. My rhythm was fine and I was able to adjust as needed, but I felt short of breath most of the run; like each breath didn’t have enough air in it, even though my breathing was otherwise normal.
I didn’t get light headed or anything so it wasn’t too bad, but it made it so I didn’t feel like the run was awesome like Tuesday’s.

As long as I keep consistently running at a sub 16 pace, my goal for the first 8 weeks of 10k training (which is just a repeat of C25K) will be to get my pace in the 10-12 min/mile range, then after the Key West 5k in January I’ll work on the endurance to go longer distances.

My depression does a really good job of convincing me that I’m worthless and a failure at life. So it is really empowering to set a goal and actually achieve it. It is encouraging to know I can achieve these small successes and move on to another and continue to improve myself.


Celebratory dance


Week 7, Day 2 Stats 11/07/2014

Distance: 2.92 miles

Time: 44 minutes 29 seconds

Average Pace: 15 minutes 44 seconds per mile

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 7


6 thoughts on “Swift as a Coursing River

  1. It is great when you hit your numbers! It’s a validation and a reward, and a reminder that we actually do have control over our lives. I’ve been watching my pace slowly creep down in the last three years since I’ve been running. My endurance has been more slowly creeping up.

    In other news, I’ve contacted a therapist to see about my depression. No sessions yet, but maybe a step forward.

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    • It is incredibly rewarding, especially when I didn’t expect to do it so quickly. I’ve never been really athletic, so I expected it would take more than one time through C25K to reach RunDisney pace requirements. I fully expected to be running my first 5k at a 17 min/mi pace, which is where I’ve been most of the program.

      So glad to hear you are seeking professional help for your depression!


  2. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly our bodies respond to all this training – C25K really taught me to appreciate how awesome that is! Well done too for reaching your pace target. Depression is a complex thing but these small successes in running really can make a big difference, so keep it up! You’re doing great! 🙂

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  3. Good work – always a buzz to make it. I did a 5k this evening and although I almost got hit by two cars, narrowly avoided a gaping hole into a sewer and got chased by soi dogs I just about made my time.

    I’ll be honest running here sucks.

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