I’m Almost There

Just tonight and this weekend’s workout are all that stand between me and the end of C25K.
It’s almost surreal.
8 weeks ago I was struggling with alternating between running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes, now I’m running 25+ minutes without stopping and next week I’ll run a full 3.1 miles!

This has been an empowering journey and while I am only starting to see slight improvements in my depression (and I still have really bad days like yesterday), that is to be expected as I am not running as much as the participants of this study, and I’m still only at 8 weeks, while the improvement was noted at 16 weeks. But it is still a start and I’ll get there someday.

This past weekend’s run went well.
Hubby and I were both just drained on Saturday, so we decided to run on Sunday.
Because of the rain at Wine & Dine, I pretty much assumed it would be rainy in my area all day Sunday, but I still did my best no rain dance in hopes that it would miss us.


Unfortunately that didn’t work and by the time Hubby got home this was the weather


So we decided to do the run Monday night.
We had nice and dry weather that night, but it was a little brisk, which made breathing a bit of a challenge. I think because I’m so used to the thick humid air; I feel like I’m not getting enough air while breathing the less humid, thinner cold air. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually; and despite the fact that I feel like I’m struggling I’m still consistently running around a 15 minute pace (well, depending on which app you go by, but even SHealth has me at sub-16 now).

On Tuesday Hubby got home a few hours early so we went on our run around sunset, which was a nice change from the late night runs we usually do.


It was not nearly as chilly, so my breathing was not as difficult as it was on Monday. However because this was my second day in a row running it was a bit of a struggle. I was so tired by the time we got home. I also hadn’t eaten much that day, so I was STARVING. Thankfully Hubby took me to Chili’s for dinner, and I scarfed everything put in front of me. To say I slept well that night would be an understatement.

Despite how crappy of a day I had yesterday, I’m doing a little better today. I’m definitely having an “Emotional Hangover” because I borrowed against today’s spoons, but other than that I am doing well enough and I’m looking forward to running tonight, as I think that will help me feel better. I’ve learned Running & Naps are the best ways to recover a few spoons when I’m running low, it’s not foolproof, but it usually helps.

Week 7, Day 3 Stats 11/10/2014

Distance: 2.48 miles

Time: 36 minutes 48 seconds

Average Pace: 15 minutes 46 seconds per mile

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 7

Week 8, Day 1 Stats 11/11/2014

Distance: 2.46 miles

Time: 35 minutes 22 seconds

Average Pace: 14 minutes 42 seconds per mile

Motivation: 4

Emotion: 4


9 thoughts on “I’m Almost There

  1. Great job! I’ve been increasing my distance instead of time running, BC I got ahead of myself and signed up for a 15k in December, so I’m doing walk 60 run 60, and today I did 6 mile, my longest run! And it 30 degrees here, freezing, and at the end of the run I couldn’t feel my legs! But after this race I hope to run longer intervals. Keep it up!

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    • When I finish C25K I’m going on to train for a 10k using a similar app, the first 8 weeks will be a repeat of C25K, during which point I’ll work on improving my time. Starting in week 9 I’ll be working on distance


  2. “Running and naps.” My new mantra.

    I don’t mind running in the rain if: a) it’s at least 70 degrees and b) I don’t have a big run coming up that I need to preserve my shoes for. (They’re never the same after they get wet.)

    As for the humidity, it’s funny but I feel as though I can finally breath now that the outside air is drier and colder. I had a pretty good run Thursday evening because of those conditions. (It was about 27 degrees, but I got 5 outdoor miles run.)

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    • Summer rain never bothers me, as it is usually a warm rain, or it is warm out and the cool rain feels nice. But this was cold rain on a 60 degree evening. That is definitely not for me, especially at this point it my training. Maybe someday I won’t care, but I was not going to do that to myself and EJ (especially because the jogging stroller is being loaned to us).

      My performance is not noticeably worse in the cooler weather, I’m just not at all used to it. Even before I started exercising I had trouble breathing in the winter (which is why the quasi-tropical weather of SW Fl is so perfect for me).


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