It’s been almost a week since my last run and I’m not happy about it.

I was supposed to run on Sunday, but my back kept me laid up on the couch all day.

Monday I felt a bit better, I was mobile but bending and lifting still hurt. However a nasty storm rolled in Monday evening so running was not an option even if my back was feeling perfect.

Last night was cold and drizzly so we decided a run was a no-go.


If the rain stays away today we might go for a run, but it will somewhat depend on the temperature, as the rain brought in a cold front and I’m I’ll equipped to run in the mid 40s to low 50s.

I hate the fact that I’ve gone so long without running, especially because I am SO CLOSE to finishing C25K. Week 8 day 3 is all I have left then it’s just running 5k to compare to my baseline.

I have to give back the jogging stroller I’ve been borrowing on Friday, so I’m not sure how running is going to work once we no longer have that.

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10 thoughts on “Delays

  1. Take care of that back! I did C25k a little over a year ago.and im still running! I found an college near me with an indoor track, so luckily that helps me get through bad weather. I don’t mind running in cold-but hate the wind!

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    • I’m doing what I can, but there is only so much you can do with a bad vertebrae & disc.
      There are no indoor tracks nearby, I might have to spring for admission to the neighborhood fitness center and use the treadmill.

      I’m not used to cold weather and all of my workout clothes are suited for the summer, so I need to go get some long sleeve shirts and a jacket.


  2. How did you find running with a stroller? I’m reliant on childcare at the moment (although I should be working and not running when I have some help) but if I could take her with me that might be good. She doesn’t like sitting still for long though. Really hope you’re well enough for your last run soon. I would be very frustrated.

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    • Running with the stroller is really nice! Jogging Strollers don’t have a lot of resistance, so the are fairly easy to get used to pushing. EJ enjoys going for runs. He would go “wheee” every time we would go from walking to running. Some days he gets bored, so I bring things to entertain him. Worst case scenario I let him watch videos on my phone.
      You’ll find you run a little slower with the stroller, but you tend burn more calories because of the extra energy you are exerting.


  3. I seemed to have injured something in my right thigh. I rest it a few days and then go for a run and have to limp the next day. So I’m laying off running until this weekend. I have a 12K in early December, so I want to get this sorted out soon.

    In other news, my first visit with the therapist was *yawn*! I don’t t see this avenue working for me. I’m more depressed today than I was before the meeting yesterday.

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    • Oh my. Hope you heal up well! Take it easy, with that 12k it would suck to do some real damage.

      Don’t give up on the therapist so quickly, it’s not going to change things overnight. Also, are you seeing a psychologist or a psychiatrist? As I’m researching careers in mental health I’m learning the difference between the two. If you think anti-depressants might possibly help you, you will need to see a psychiatrist, as they are the only ones who can prescribe (as they are actual MDs instead of just PhDs). And if things just aren’t jiving with this therapist, look for another one. Studies have shown that therapy does make a difference, if you stick with it.

      In other news on my end, while I’m weighing my options between Med school to become a psychiatrist vs grad school to become a psychologist, I spoke to a neighbor who works at the local mental health clinic and she’s encouraged me to apply for an opening as a mental health tech as a way to get my feet wet in the field. It’s a full time overnight position in the Detox unit, but it seems like a great opportunity to experience the field while I figure out what I’m doing as far as going back to school.


      • Detox? Sounds pretty grim. What’s the burn out rate in that field? I’d hate for it to kill your ambition. I will say this, though. I volunteered for 10 years at a children’s hospital, mostly working with the parents. On rare moments when I could actually do something for these people (mostly they wanted to be left alone), I felt a kind of transcendence. I left my petty worries behind and was wholly about this other person for a few moments. It was liberating and welcome, but too infrequent. (See my story “Respite Room” for some insight into my experience.) Maybe you’ll find that as a side benefit (along with the massive salary and inherent glamor of the work).

        The therapist I’m seeing (I’ve seen) is neither of those things. She is an MSW, and her general focus seems to be marital problems and gambling addictions. (She asked how many lottery tickets I bought in the last year.) I found her through a three-free-sessions program at work. So far my first hour only lasted a half hour, and she spent much of that time filling out paperwork and asking me to spell my name three times (is that some kind of test?). She let me jabber and then would say back to me what I’d just said, but when I said that I’d run a marathon, she took off and talked about her own running experience. The session ended with her telling me to remind myself I was doing fine. (WTF?) I don’t do well with platitudes and buzzwords and self-talk. I go back on Tuesday, and I’m supposed to have a list of things I would do if the unrelenting sadness lifted. (I think her plan is to get me to do those things — rather than lift that unrelenting sadness.) I’m sure she’ll get me through the three free sessions and then try to persuade me that I need to keep seeing her. I think I need more rigor. I certainly felt worse the day after seeing her than I had before. We’ll see.

        Curiously, I feel better after venting like this.


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