Baby It’s Cold Outside

Although today it is a beautiful 78° here in South Florida, I know a good part of the country is either covered in snow, or miserably cold.


How I imagine most of you look/feel right now

I’ve spent somewhere upwards of a quarter of my life living in northern climates, plus my parents come from Michigan and North Dakota. So I made the active choice to live in a southern climate where I didn’t have to deal with snow and cold, because I am NOT a fan.

But on Wednesday a cold front moved through SW Florida. It may have only been in the low to mid 50s, but for me that was miserable.
And of course EJ wanted nothing more than to play outside. The battle between the two of us inspired me.


He even decided he should jump in puddles, like it was the middle of summer not 55° outside

So I rewrote the lyrics to Baby It’s Cold Outside. (Link is to the adorable video with less rape-implying lyrics version Idina Menzel and Michael Bublè just released)

Even though I don’t have to deal with snow, I figured it would be more relatable if I wrote it from the perspective of a mom and child on a snow day. The words in italics are Mom’s, the rest are either the baby’s or are sung together.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I want to go play
But baby, it’s cold outside
I don’t want to say
But baby, it’s cold outside

This morning has been
Been hoping that you’d sleep in
So very nice
Last night you woke me up twice

Momma get dressed, please hurry
Oh, why did it have to flurry
Being inside is a bore
Play with your trucks on the floor

Momma, you need to hurry
I’m coming, please don’t you worry
I’m waiting for you here at the door
I need at least one coffee more

You know what I think?
Baby, it’s cold out there
We need an ice rink!
I don’t want to go out there

You know I know how
The heater kicked on just now
To loudly yell
It cozy inside, the heater is swell

Outside is what I prefer
How many time do I have to say “burr”
I’m the only kid still inside
Will you forget if I go and hide?

I really wannna play
Oh baby don’t wanna go out
Because its cold outside
Baby, it’s cold outside

Come on mom lets go!
But baby, it’s cold outside
Just look at the snow!
But baby, it’s cold outside

Your morning has been
Can’t we please just stay in
Inside and warm
And not go out in that cold snow

I’m becoming quite suspicious
Gosh this coffee smells delicious
That you aren’t gonna let me outdoors
We should move to a tropical shore

I’ll give you lots of kisses
Gosh this coffee tastes delicious
But Momma you can’t stall anymore
Trying never stopped me before

I don’t wanna stay home
But baby, I’ll freeze out there
I brought you your coat
It’s up to your knees out there

Let’s build a Snowman
I’ve stalled as long as I can
But don’t you see?
I’ve got not choice but to freeze

Staying in is causing me sorrow
We’ll repeat this again tomorrow
You don’t want to make me cry
Well, I gave it my best try

Come on, let go play
Alright, lets go out
Baby, it’s cold
Baby, it’s cold outside


11 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

    • Thanks! Lol yeah I imagine this is something a lot of mom’s could identify with. EJ wants to play outside no matter what the weather. It could be raining, colder than wooly-boogers, you name it he’ll play in it. I kind of want to take him up north just to see how he would react to snow


  1. Love your boy’s hair!!!

    I went out for a run (50+ degrees — I was overdressed) and seemed to have re-injured whatever is wrong with my right hip/thigh. Alleve can’t touch it. I’m going to have to lay off the miles all week if I’m going to make that 12K (in two weeks) work at all. Feeling a little bummed.

    Liked by 1 person

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