You know you are a Runner When…

I’ve noticed a lot of people who take up running (myself included) are very hesitant to call themselves “runners.”

Some set goals: “I can call myself a runner when I can run X pace”, “I can call myself a runner when I can run X distance”, “I can call myself a runner when I’ve done X number of races”
Others just come to a realization one day that they are a Runner and no longer hesitate to use the label.

I sort of put myself in that first group. I decided that I’d be able to call myself a runner once I was running half marathons and training for full marathons.

But this weekend I found myself having one of those “I am a runner” realizations.

But first a bit of background:
As I’m sure is evident, I am totally obsessed with Disney. When we moved to Florida earlier this year I got my Walt Disney World Resident Annual Pass before I got my Florida Driver’s Licence.

Within my Disney love I have sub-obsessions: Movie-based obsessions and Park-based obsessions. My movie obsessions are Tinkerbell and Beauty and the Beast and my park obsessions are Duffy the Disney Bear and The Haunted Mansion.
If I were to rank them all in the order in which I am most obsessed Haunted Mansion would be at the top. I seriously love that ride. If I had the money, I probably would have bought one of everything in the new Memento Mori shop.
But there is one piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise I’ve been wanted more than anything else: a Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke Bag. (Affiliate Link)

Since their release in October I have wanted nothing else. It has occupied the top spot on my Christmas List all season. Then something happened.

Over the weekend we went to the mall just to walk around for a bit. I discovered that there was a Fit2Run store, so we stopped in and looked around. I decided to get a gait analysis and to get fitted for some shoes, since the shoes I’ve been running are not the best and don’t have much life left in them. Plus, the agreement with Hubby was that I couldn’t buy a ton of running gear until I finished C25K, as I had to show that this wasn’t going to be throwing a bunch of money into something I was going to give up on. But now that I had finished and will be starting the 10k training I can finally start buying the stuff I need.

So after my gait analysis and trying on a bunch of different shoes, I narrowed it down to two pair: the ASICS Cumulus 16 and the Saucony Triumph ISO (Affiliate Links).

Wearing both pairs of shoes along with the insole suggested for my feet felt like this:


It was incredible how much of a difference they made and how good they felt while running. I was in love with both pair and told Hubby I’d be happy with either and would be thrilled with both.

With Christmas coming I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy that day, but it was great to have specific items to put on my Christmas list.

So then yesterday Hubby and I were discussing our Thanksgiving & Black Friday plans. We determined that there was no reason to go out shopping for any of EJ’s gifts since Cookie Monster, Duffy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the Octonauts are not exactly highly sought after items (thank goodness he’s not Frozen or Big Hero 6 obsessed) that would be fairly easy to order online and his “big ticket” gift will likely be a puppy.

So the only reason to go out on Black Friday would be to hit up Sports Authority and Fit2Run for Running Gear.

That is when Hubby started a game of “would you rather” that rivaled Hot Guys v Food for the hardest I’ve ever played.

He asked Running Gear or Haunted Mansion Dooney Bag.


And you know what. I chose the Running Gear

What my inner Happy Haunt has been yelling at me ever since

What my inner Happy Haunt has been yelling at me ever since

I think choosing running gear over the one item I’ve been obsessing over for months qualifies me as a runner.

Now, I will admit part of the choice came down to practicality. I still REALLY want that Dooney Bag; but I know money is tight and so getting the running gear for Christmas instead of getting the bag and having to buy the gear in a few months anyways doesn’t make financial sense right now.

But I’m committed to my running and I need the gear; so practical or not it is still something I want.

I may not yet be totally comfortable calling myself a runner until I’ve actually participated in an event, but it has, become clear that running is more than just this thing I do sometimes.



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