Maybe I Should Write About Running

First off, I want to thank everyone for their kind and supportive words this week. Wednesday was a rough day, and though I may have a twinge of regret for canceling the interview, I think I made the right choice (although Hubby may beg to differ)

I had one hell of a depression/anxiety hangover yesterday. I don’t know if others get them, but I’ve noticed that after having a bad depression or anxiety episode I not only feel emotionally drained, but I usually have a hell of a headache, not unlike the ones I’d occasionally get after spending the night drinking with my roommates in college.

So it was a quiet day yesterday and I scrapped most of the plans I had for the day. My awesome neighbor, who must have read my posts, brought over some food so I didnt have to worry about dinners this week, which was pretty awesome. She even remembered that I can’t have caffeine and brought a caffeine free Coke for me to drink (and a regular Coke for Hubby). There are times where I wonder if we made the right decision moving back to Florida, then my neighbors go and do awesome things like this that remind me no matter how stressful life is as least I am part of a caring community.

I’m still feeling fairly “bleh” today, but even that is an improvement from the panic and wild emotional swings I was having earlier this week.

Anyways this post is supposed to be about running, something I haven’t written a lot about lately.

I have a post written recapping my whole C25K experience, I just need Hubby to help me convert the graphs of my stats into JPGs so I can add them to the post. Hopefully that will happen later today or tomorrow.

I technically started my 10k training this week, but I did not run last night. But that is ok, as I’ll be repeating week 1 on Sunday.

On Wednesday evening a friend of mine from college messaged me saying she has been struggling with depression. Having been open about my struggles she thought I was a good person to talk to as far as what has and hasn’t worked for me.
As we talked the conversation turned to running, and she’s decided to give it a try. She was concerned about having someone to keep her accountable, so I offered to help. I thought it would be easiest if we were both on the same week, so I’ll just restart week 1 on Sunday so we are doing it together.

So at this point I’m not going to report my stats from this week’s runs, and I’ll resume training recaps after Sunday’s run.

There will be a few changes to my stats. I’ve dropped SHealth and will just be using Nike+ Running to measure my distances and times.

I’m debating whether I should have the app include my warmup and cool down as I did during C25K so I can compare the workouts to their equivalent during C25K; or if I should not include my warmup and cool down to get more accurate pace and distance stats.
If I decide on the latter, obviously the stats will show a faster pace and shorter distance than during C25K.

I’m now without a jogging stroller, which is not fun, as EJ’s everyday stroller is not good to run with. But on the plus side AMIL arrives on Thursday, so until we can afford to buy our own there will be someone to watch EJ while Hubby and I run. But I have a feeling EJ will miss going on runs with us, he seems to enjoy riding along. Hopefully we won’t be without a jogging stroller for long.



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