5k Down 10k to Go!

It was nice and necessary to have that break for Thanksgiving, and a few days to recover from my latest meltdown; but I’ve missed running and I’m happy to be back to it this week.

Thanks to an early Christmas gift from AMIL (Awesome Mother In Law), I was able to do some Black Friday shopping and get myself some proper running shoes, a tech jacket, socks, and some insoles. I couldn’t quite afford the Sauconys I wanted, but I was able to get the Asics I picked out.


I’m loving all my new running gear, it really is amazing how much of a difference simple things like that make on your runs. It was also awesome that through all the sales and perks I paid about half of what I would have otherwise, plus got some free stuff including a 1 year membership to the Fit2Run discount club and a pair of portable chairs from Sports Authority.

There are only two things left that I really need. One is a headband to keep all the hair that won’t stay in my ponytail out of my face.


I spend a good portion of my runs doing this

Either that or I need to go back to a Pixie Cut, like I had about 2 years ago.

The other thing I need is a good Sports Bra. I have my eye on one from Victoria Secret…but $60+ is a lot for a bra. That bra would be the most expensive part of my running wardrobe outside of my shoes.

But enough about running gear and on to running!

So Sunday night was Week 1 Day 1 of the 10k program. Its kind of weird to be back to intervals, especially walking more than running. But its nice because I’m taking this as an opportunity to really work on my speed. I’m finding myself relieved to hear the “start walking” directive come from my phone at the end of 60 seconds, so I guess that means I’m pushing myself, which is what I should be doing if I want to improve my pace.

Stats wise it was a decent night…especially when compared to Week 1 Day 1 of C25K training. But from the moment I started running I just felt off.

It wasn’t the new gear, because I did a few runs in all of it last week to break them in. I don’t know what it was, but I wasn’t running as fast as I was during my unofficial runs last week, and I was totally out of energy by the halfway point, so I struggled through the second part of the workout. Then in the last 10 minutes the tips of my left fingers started swelling. This isn’t necessarily unusual, it used to happen a lot when I was out of shape, but this is the first time it happened on a run. So it didn’t exactly make for an enjoyable run.

Plus EJ had to ride in his everyday stroller since we don’t have a jogging stroller anymore. That stroller is not suitable for anything faster than a brisk walk. Thankfully AMIL arrives on Thursday, so we’ll be able to leave EJ with her while Hubby and I run; until we get a jogging stroller of our own at least.

I did not run last night as I spend most of the day nauseated and it was freaking cold outside, which would only increase the likelihood of a gagging fit. But that works out better in the end. Since AMIL arrives tomorrow evening, we won’t be able to do our normal Thursday run, so we are running on tonight (Wednesday) and Friday this week.

Before I get to the stats, I want to explain one little change. You’ll notice that next to each running data point there will also be a number in parentheses. That is the change between the current run and the corresponding run during my C25K training. It’s a way to compare and see my improvement. I’m not going to compare emotional and motivational scores, because they are so subjective and bad days are unpredictable. I have also included a link to the blog post for the corresponding day.

Distance won’t really matter in the beginning, but the number in the parentheses should be positive; indicating that I’m going farther in the same amount of time. There will be days (like today) where the number will be negative, and that is due to extra distance on my cool down walk (which is the walk home). Sometimes I end the workout right at the spot that will give me a 5 minute walk home (my cool down time), other days I end up a ways away from that and have to walk as much as an extra 1/4 mile to get home. When the distance is negative, it is usually because I walked farther to get home during C25k.

Theoretically, time should not see much change, since the workouts are time-based, however because of the extra cool down time discussed above, not to mention occasional stops for puking/gagging etc there will be some variation.

Pace is where I expect to see the most significant amount of change. The number in the parentheses should be a negative number, as that indicated improvement over my previous pace for that same workout during C25K.

(Yes, I am a nerd. Plus my husband is in a Statistics class this semester, so he likes to keep track and analyze all my data, because he’s a numbers guy)

Week 1, Day 1 Stats 12/07/2014

Distance: 2.20 miles (-0.11)

Time: 34 minutes 55 seconds (-7:19)

Average Pace: 15 minutes 51 seconds per mile (-2:37)

Motivation: 4

Emotion: 3

Read about the equivalent day during my C25K training here


One thought on “5k Down 10k to Go!

  1. Money spent on a good sports bra is money well spent. I really like moving comfort. Also I hate headbands for my bangs. Although the kind for cold weather are nice. I prefer a baseball cap or those tiny hair clips that look like claws to keep my bangs in check. You just roll your bangs and put in the tiny clips. They’re super cheap so it’s no big deal when they break or go missing.

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