C25K Results

I’m terribly behind on posting. Between Thanksgiving, my meltdown over that interview, and AMIL moving in tomorrow things have been kind of crazy. I’ve started my 10k training and the recap of that first workout will be the subject of my next post.

Well I did it. I did a full 5k.


I haven’t run a race (although I am registered for the Expedition Everest Challenge in May, and hopefully in the next week or so I’ll be registered for the race is Key West I want to do), but I did a 5k. I wish I could say I ran the whole thing, but I cant.

Holy Crap was it hot and humid that night! Despite having the chilly 50-60 degree days earlier in the week that night it was 80 degrees with high humidity.
I did make it a full 1.5 miles before I needed a walk break. I think I ended up walking about 1/4 of the course, but running 3/4 of a 5k is nothing to scoff at! I couldn’t even do that 9 weeks earlier! My baseline 5k was 99% walking and it took me just under an hour to do. That night I did the 5k in 41 minutes!
I’m so proud of myself. C25K wasn’t easy but it was rewarding! And now I can say I’m a graduate!


Looking back over my workout stats it’s amazing how far I’ve come since I started this blog back in September.

Hubby made up some pretty graphs to show some of the stats I’ve been reporting throughout my training. We elected not to show time, because obviously that was a steady increase in line with what C25K directs (and any variance off of that is extra cool time time on the walk home). We also scrapped the charts for my motivation and emotion scores, as they were pretty much all over the place and didn’t show any real information.

distance chart

pace chart

For me, the most impressive is the pace chart. Just look at that steady drop!

When I started with my baseline I did the 5k with a 19′ 04″ pace. When I did my final run last week I had a 13′ 13″ pace! I’m feeling really confident that I will meet my goal of running a 10 min/mi pace in the next 8 weeks.

While there wasn’t a statistically significant or noticeable change in my emotional and motivation scores, I do feel like I’ve gone from having mostly bad days to mostly neutral days with just a few bad days. Maybe by the time I get to the prescribed 1 hour of running 3 times a week I’ll start seeing a noticeable difference and start having good days.

The best thing is that running has become my passion, which is something I haven’t had in what feels like a long time. It’s nice to have a hobby that I enjoy again.

So here is to the next 14 weeks! I cannot wait to see what they have in store for me!



7 thoughts on “C25K Results

    • You may have had trouble, but you still did better than the people who stayed home. Plus, I saw your blog post, I know you got second in your age division. Not too shabby for a run you didn’t feel good about. 😉
      I’m glad to hear you were actually able to do the 12k, no matter how much walking you did. I remember you saying right around Thanksgiving that you were having some pain and taking it easy so you could do the 12k.


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