I do not like the cold

We had a cold front moved in this week.
Couple that with a 2 year old who inexplicably would not fall asleep until well after midnight most nights, and I was pretty much ready to just spend the week curled up in bed.


Pretty much my thoughts on the matter

But I needed to run, so I braved the 50 degree weather and ran Wednesday and Friday night.

As expected, my pace was WAY slow. On Wednesday I just didn’t feel good. I spent the first half of the workout trying not to have a gagging fit.

Then just past the halfway point it happened. I tossed my cookies


Except I didn’t have any cookies to toss, so I just lost the water I had been drinking and some gastric juices. I can never decide on the scale of vomit if that is worse or better than a stomach full of food.

But once that happened I felt better and was able to pick up my pace a little bit for the rest of the run.

Friday’s run went a little better. I was still running slower than I wanted to because it was cold, which is hard on my lungs, but I didn’t have any gagging fits. However I found myself feeling really winded halfway through my workout which made for slow going for the second half of the run. Also, my ears were hurting by the end of the workout, so I think I’ll be picking up an ear-warmer headband because cold ears are a miserable feeling.

AMIL arrived on Thursday, so Hubby and I are running without EJ now. Which is kind of weird, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

It’s a two for one Stats day!

Week 1, Day 2 Stats 12/10/2014

Distance: 2.03 miles (-0.26)

Time: 32 minutes 24 seconds (-10:06)

Average Pace: 15 minutes 58 seconds per mile (-3:28)

Motivation: 4

Emotion: 4

Week 1, Day 3 Stats 12/12/2014

Distance: 2.31 miles (+0.3)

Time: 35 minutes 04 seconds (+0:10)

Average Pace: 15 minutes 10 seconds per mile (-2:54)

Motivation: 4

Emotion: 4

Read about the equivalent day during my C25K training here (that post was also a two for one)


12 thoughts on “I do not like the cold

  1. I am torn about how to respond to this post. On the one hand, I’m sorry you were sick in your run (though those are bragging rights, girl!).

    On the other hand — “I braved the 50 degree weather” is, um, — SNORT! I was excited that it was 54 degrees when I headed out for my run this morning.You just don’t get that in mid-December in Kansas. I took off my gloves mid run and shoved up my long sleeves shortly after that. (It was a CRAP run, but not because of the weather. Sorry, can I use that word? 93 percent humidity!)

    Unrelated (though maybe not), have you see Depression Marathon blog? If not, you oughta give it a look. She posted some very powerful videos this week.

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    • Yeah, I know, for Northerners/Midwesterners like you 50 degrees is nothing, but for a Southerner like me it’s positively FREEZING…although the tables will be turned this summer when I’m running in the upper 90s low 100s with 100% humidity (which is like breathing through pea soup) when everyone else is complaining about weather in the 80s 😉

      I have not seen that blog, but I will definitely go check it out!


  2. Ha! I was gonna comment on the 50 being cold too! It hit 60 here for the first time in a while this weekend. Much better than the highs in the 30’s and 40’s that have been persistent since about mid-November. Hope your running weather is a bit more temperate in the future… 🙂

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      • I was sweating to death the other day on my run and it was a balmy 45 degrees. Last week I was definitely running in the 30s – and yeah, it HURTS. Next week I’ll be in the great state of Florida on vacation and I may just pass out if it’s above 50 (I’ve not run in warmth yet) haha – wish me luck! 🙂

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      • Well I live in South Florida. I tend to run at night, and it’s been in the 50s, but it’s in the 70s during the day. I know I’m a wuss for complaining about the low 50s, but I’m used to running in 70-80 degree weather, so the chilly air hurts my lungs and ears


  3. I had to get an ear cover as well! I hate the cold and I’m thinking I might join a gym for the winter months. I read a good article (I linked it in a run post) about trying to breathe through your nose in cold weather, although I struggle with this.

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  4. WalkToRio says:

    I was gonna bitch about being in the mid 60’s here.
    I cannot complain about the weather (winter) in Seville, summer is hell, but winter is just perfect.
    We had a couple of “cold” days, lows in the mid 30’s high in he mid 50’s.

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    • For the most part I really can’t complain about the weather here in SW Florida. The highs have been in the mid 70s and the lows don’t get much below 50, but that 50 hits almost as soon as the sun sets, so since I run at night (as its the only time Hubby & I can do it together) I have have to run when it is coldest weather.


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