A Look at the Walt Disney World Marathon Merchandise

I moonlight occasionally as a guest blogger for The Main Street Mouse. This is an article I wrote for them, but since I wrote it in wordpress, I figured I might as well post it here as well. The version they published also has information about the Marathon Dooney & Bourke bags

On Facebook this week RunDisney released images of some of the merchandise that will be available for purchase at the Health and Fitness Expo during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend January 7-11 2015

There will be general merchandise available, including a RunDisney Magic Band


As well as merchandise for each of the major events:

Half Marathon




Goofy Race and a Half Challenge


Dopey Challenge


Coast-to-Coast Challenge


And “I did it” shirts for all major distances


This is in addition to the Minnie Run Collection by Champion Athleticwear that was announced last week.

Even though I’m not running any of the events that weekend, I’m really liking the look and variety of the merchandise. I’m particularly in love with the Magic Band and will hopefully have the opportunity to pick one up in the future.

I also love the “I’m training for a Disney Marathon 2016” jacket, especially since my goal for 2016 is to not only run a Disney Marathon in 2016, but to run as many Disney Races as I possibly can.
If any of my awesome readers are attending the marathon and would be willing to pick one up for me at the Expo please email me at runningheartless [at] Gmail.com so we can work out the details.

What items do you like best? Are you going to be participating in any of the events during Marathon Weekend? If so which events are you running?

All images courtesy of RunDisney


6 thoughts on “A Look at the Walt Disney World Marathon Merchandise

    • At Disney World, Magic Bands link to your My Disney Experience account. You scan it at the gate to get in, so it acts like a ticket. You also use them for your fastpasses. They can also scan it for your Memory Maker/PhotoPass pictures. And if you are staying in a Disney World Resort it also acts as your room key, and a way to charge in-park purchases to your room, as well as using any dining plan credits you have.


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