Unlucky Luck

So I am both the luckiest and the unluckiest blogger to take part in Evil Squirrel’s Holiday Card Contest thing (it’s not really a contest because all you had to do was be one the first 20 people to go “Me! Me! Me!” and you’d get a card.)

It started when I found out about the card thingy. I was like “eh why not, it will be a great way to connect with some new blogs/bloggers and I love getting mail (which I don’t get a lot of).

So I posted a comment to see if I was too late to get a card. Later in the day I went back to read a bit more and learn about the Evil Squirrel Nest and the characters. That was when I discovered that my comment had been eaten by the internet somehow. Looking at all the comments, I thought for sure I was too late now. But I asked anyways, and lucky me I got one of the last open spots.

Now all I had to do was wait and see who I got. Like a lot of people, I was hoping for Rainbow Donkey, but I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to end up getting him and likely end up with one of the characters I really wasn’t a fan of. As the cards started rolling in and the coveted Rainbow Donkey still hadn’t been claimed I started getting hopeful. Maybe, for once, I will get lucky I thought. Every day, when I’d check my mail I’d have Christmas cards addressed to my landlord or former tenants, but nothing for me.
As more and more characters were claimed I became more and more hopeful as Rainbow Donkey was still sitting there, waiting for someone to post that they had gotten him.

Then last night it became official. Rainbow Donkey was the only one left and I was the only one to not recieve my card. So I am both the luckiest of the group, as I got the card everyone wanted…but I haven’t actually RECEIVED THE CARD, making me incredibly unlucky.

When I commented somewhere that I was hoping for Rainbow Donkey, ES replied that I might get lucky (even he didn’t know who got what) I assured him that I have terrible luck…little did I know how true that would be.

So he emailed me today to discuss this whole thing. We are hoping that the card is just in Holiday Mail Purgatory and will end up in either his or my mailbox very soon…but we are both starting to think it is gone forever.

The worst part: I just had a realization as I was writing this post that I may have been the cause of my own bad luck. In his email ES told me that he had addressed it to “R.H.”
I was on the lookout for something addressed to Running Heartless. As I wrote the above sentence about getting cards addressed to my landlord & the former tenants it hit me. There was a card that arrived about a week ago addressed to someone I didn’t recognize. I couldn’t tell you if it was to “R.H” or not, but there is a good chance that it was. Now I know the people who lived in my house before I did, so I’ve been saving their cards so I can just drop them off, but I don’t know who lived in the house before them, so I assumed this card was meant for them, slapped a “Return to Sender, No Longer at This Address” and put it back in the mailbox.

Perhaps my luck will take a turn again and that card I returned to sender was my Rainbow Donkey and it will show up back at The Evil Squirrel Nest any day now and it can just get sent back to me (and if that’s the case I propose that this becomes a tradition, that Bill & I start sending the Rainbow Donkey to each other every Christmas).

No matter what happens at least it makes a good story…and perhaps inspiration for an new member of the Nest with really bad good luck, or at least a funny comic. Who knows.

And since I don’t have a picture of my card to post, here is a picture of EJ, disappointed that Rainbow Donkey won’t be joining us for Christmas


14 thoughts on “Unlucky Luck

    • I don’t plan to…at least not for another year. He’s almost 3, so I can get away with it for a little longer, but once he starts school I’ll probably have to cut it, as I don’t want him to be teased for “looking like a girl” but at that point he will be old enough to make that choice for himself


  1. Rainbow Donkey is alive and well!!!!!! I got him back today! I will hopefully have him back in the mail later today! I’m taking a picture of him just in case, but I’m going to let you do the official unveiling honors when you get him back!

    And yes, it was the envelope you wrote “Return To Sender” on! πŸ™‚

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