Christmas Run

I’m not going to lie, this has not been the greatest of Christmas seasons. In fact it’s been pretty terrible. It felt like everything just completely fell apart on me and nothing went right.

To add to the disappointment I will also not be able to run the 5k in Key West next month. Finances just aren’t coming together to do that. However, I Just learned that the annual steak cook off hosted in Ave Maria will have a 5k event this year, so I’ll still be able to run my first official event in January…it just won’t be the event I was planning on doing.

Despite the holidays I have been able to keep up with my workouts. It’s probably the only thing that kept me sane. However after spending most of the 25th eating I was rather sluggish as I ran that evening. But it was a nice run. The weather was beautiful and the town was quiet.


I also took a jog up to the local convince store on the 24th to pick up some beer (I guess I took a beer run in one of the most literal ways possible). I had to walk back with the 6 pack, but I still put in just under 4 miles in total. That trip really made me realize just how far I’ve come since September. Once upon a time the idea of walking that far would have been laughable at best and torture at worst. But now, not only did I think nothing of taking that trip on foot, but I jogged a good chunk of the way there.

I may not yet be noticing a significant change in my depression and anxiety, but just the fact that I’m going places on foot and not dying is kinda a huge thing for me.


Week 3, Day 2 Stats 12/25/2014

Distance: 2.27 miles (+0.5)

Time: 37 minutes 29 seconds (+8:33)

Average Pace: 16 minutes 31 seconds per mile (-0:36)

Motivation: 4

Emotion: 3

Read about the equivalent day during C25K training here


6 thoughts on “Christmas Run

  1. Sorry about the disappointments but happy about the achievements. I’m looking forward to your account of your first official 5k!

    Oddly, I’ve been running for three years now, and it’s only been in the last year that my depression has worsened. Does that mean the running isn’t helping? Or is it actually helping and I would be far worse off if I wasn’t running?

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    • I’ve been wondering the same thing this winter. I do have SAD so I’m not surprised that I’m not feeling “better” this winter, but I can’t help wonder if I would be in a really bad place if I wasn’t running


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