Double Run

I did a double run this weekend, which is no longer as bad as it used to be during C25K.

Because I missed a run earlier in the week, I had to run on both Saturday and Sunday so I could stay on schedule.

Saturday’s run was rather unremarkable. I didn’t sleep Friday night, as I had one of the worst cases of anxiety-based insomnia I’ve had in a long time. I did finally fall asleep at about 9 am. Thankfully AMIL is here and could take care of EJ so Hubby didn’t have to call out at work. I only slept for about 4 hours, but I felt pretty crappy for the rest of the day. I only ran when Hubby got home from work because I knew I needed to. But I felt fine during the run and everything went fine.

Then on Sunday I woke up feeling really depressed. So Hubby suggested that instead of doing our usual evening run that we should go for a run earlier in the day. Now, running was the last thing I wanted to do. “You know you’ll feel better” he said.
My response was something like this:


So we put on our running gear and hit the road.
It was hell. I hadn’t eaten anything since dinner the night before (a thought that didn’t occur to be until we were about 10 minutes into the workout), and it was 81° with barely a cloud in the sky so the sun was intense. Right around the halfway point I started feeling light headed. I trudged through, because I wanted to finish the workout (and surprisingly had a decent pace despite how I was feeling). But I got home and immediately had to lie down. I slept for a few hours. Hubby brought me lunch in bed, but I was feeling super anti-social so I didn’t leave my bedroom until dinner time.



And I’m glad I didn’t. An hour or so before dinner I started to get a really bad migraine. I was able to take some Excedrine, which helped, and I was able to join everyone for dinner, but I still wasn’t feeling that social, so I was glad that we all just watched TV while we ate.

I had another sleepless night last night and most of the day today I’ve pretty much felt like Eeyore.


I feel like I need a system reset. I need to have a weekend or something to escape from everything and just reset. I’ve wanted all winter to take a trip to Disney World to enjoy all the holiday decor and have some fun. But money has been tight and I knew we were planning on going to Key West next month. Now I feel like I NEED that trip to keep myself whole & sane, especially since we aren’t taking the trip to Key West. I’ve been trying to explain that to Hubby. And it’s not that he doesn’t get it, he does and he’s sympathetic (well, as sympathetic as he can be…it’s not exactly his strong suit). It’s just that, since AMIL hasn’t found a job yet, everyone in the house has tight finances. And even though gas prices are down and we have annual passes, a trip to Disney will still cost $150 (gas, hotel, a bit of food) that we can’t really spare right now.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do, but right now running alone isn’t doing it for me and I don’t have a lot of other options (living in a small town kind of sucks).

Hopefully I’ll figure something out, turn a corner, and get back to feeling not so sucky. Because I’ve had enough of feeling like crap.


Week 3, Day 3 Stats 12/27/2014

Distance: 2.06 miles (+0.21)

Time: 32 minutes 26 seconds (+1:34)

Average Pace: 15 minutes 49 seconds per mile (-1:38)

Motivation: 2

Emotion: 2

Week 4, Day 1 Stats 12/28/2014

Distance: 2.29 miles (-0.31)

Time: 33 minutes 31 seconds (-1:06)

Average Pace: 14 minutes 36 seconds per mile (-2:39)

Motivation: 1

Emotion: 1

Read about the equivalent days during C25K training here and here


3 thoughts on “Double Run

  1. Good post, and wonderful concept of your blog. I used to run regularly, and I really would like to get it into my schedule again now that I live near a few places that are actually runner friendly.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling down, and I hope you find your motivation again. It’s great that you are documenting your progress here and actually writing about it. I always enjoy reading the thoughts of others particularly engaged in a certain activity. I don’t really get to read so much that goes on in the heads of people who run, or are trying to get more into running. The frustration you describe a setback I face with a lot of things. I do step away for a while, but take baby steps towards getting “back in the game.”

    Do you like to listen to music? Back when I did run, creating playlists of lively, fast-paced songs helped me pick up the habit again. I would wake up early before class, go to the indoor track (and I understand what you mean about living in a place with limited resources), and when I didn’t want to run, I told myself it was just an opportunity to listen to my favorite songs for however long it took me to run those miles.

    Best of luck in your running endeavors.

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    • Thanks!
      I’ve found that music doesn’t really help me. It drowns out my thoughts, and running is a good, safe way to work through things in my head (as the alternative is for my brain to attempt to do so while trying to fall asleep, which usually triggers a panic attack that keeps me up most of the night).
      I’m lucky that I’ve got Hubby to keep me accountable and get me out there even when I really don’t want to be, and that has helped a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, I see. I guess that’s where we’re different. I can hardly run or engage in any exercise without music. I’m sorry to hear of your sleep troubles. I too struggle with getting sound sleep. But it’s good that you have an excellent supporter to keep you on track. Best of luck.

        Liked by 1 person

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