The Prodigal Donkicorn

This week has not been a good week for me. My mental/emotional state has been a wreck. If I’m not having a panic attack I’m in a rather deep depressive state. I haven’t slept much and I haven’t eaten much, so I’ve been pretty miserable.

But today the mail brought a smile to my face. Today, at long last my card from The Evil Squirrel’s Nest arrived.

The Prodigal Donkicorn has found his home! So I guess we’ll have a party or something.


He is even more adorable than I imagined, so I’m glad he finally found his way out of the USPS Holiday Purgatory and into my hands. This also totally explains what happened to him…clearly Santa nabbed him to help with his Christmas deliveries (it wouldn’t be the first time Santa’s trapped him), I guess Rudolph got the flu or something.

In reality, as I suspected, I am the harbinger of my own bad luck. My card was one of the first to arrive, but because it was addressed to “R. H.” I assumed it was for a former resident of my house (as we had already received more than a few cards addressed to our landlord and the family who lived here before we moved in 6 months ago) and I slapped a “return to sender” on it, not even thinking/remembering that I had a card coming my way. Thankfully it was not lost forever (there was a chance that he could have ended up a victim of the USPS shredder) and Bill was able to put it in another envelope (and this time I gave him my real name) and in just a few days RD was back in my mailbox.

So I’m an idiot, but finally Rainbow Donkey is mine.

At least we all got a good story out of this misadventure.

Who knows, maybe RD will be the bringer of good luck for me this year. Perhaps the detour was to draw away all my bad luck and I’ll have a really good 2015, God knows I need it. Maybe Rainbow Donkey is (or will become) an artifact that gives the possessor really good luck after something really unlucky happens …sorry I’ve been marathoning Wearhouse 13 on the nights I can’t sleep, so I’ve got that show on the brain, and this story is just weird enough to get me thinking like that.

Anyways he is finally here, safe and sound, and Evil Squirrel can once and for all end the tale of the Holiday Card Giveaway thing.

11 thoughts on “The Prodigal Donkicorn

    • Lol! Thanks, I guess? Yeah, the whole thing is kind of a weird story, and totally the sort of misadventure that plagues my life. I’m glad it’s over, I’m glad ES didn’t have to re-draw the card for me, and I’m glad I got the character I was hoping for from the beginning…so I guess congratulations are not inappropriate… I guess? I don’t know.


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