Want to Get Mail?

A friend of mine, Gwen, has decided to make 2015 The Year of the Letter.

She wants to write letters and send stuff to people: friends, strangers, and everyone in between.

If you want to get something personal & awesome sent to you go here to fill out the form. She will only use the info to mail you a letter (or a poem or doodle or anything else, she has a spot for requests), and will not spam you with mail (although she will happily keep up correspondence if you decide to reply with a letter of your own)

Help keep my friend busy with this project for the New Year.

And feel free to reblog or otherwise share this post or the link to her form to help her get even more people signed up to recieve a letter from her.


16 thoughts on “Want to Get Mail?

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I am ashamed to say, I had this goal last year and totally didn’t follow through. Oops. I do think it’s pretty awesome though 🙂 The ES pictures and Christmas card exchange reminded me of how cool it is to get “real” mail once in a while!

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