System Reset

I needed a break this week. Having 2 days in Orlando and a mostly quiet week was just what I needed to reset my system and get out of my funk. I would have resumed blogging sooner, but poor EJ and Hubby both got the nasty bug that’s going around our town and Ive been worn down fighting it (here’s hoping I don’t catch it)

We spent one day at Disney; hopping between Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

Duffy wasn’t in his Santa suit, which was disappointing, but EJ was adorable in his regardless

EJ Duffy Santa

EJ even got a Magical Moment at Epcot, which helped lessen my disappointment about Duffy. We went to ride Living with the Land, which is EJ’s favorite ride in Epcot, and he was chosen to be Captain of the Day!

He got a captain’s hat to wear


We got to skip the queue and sit at the front of the boat


And at the end he got a certificate commemorating the Magic Moment


Which was signed by all of the CMs


It was a pretty special experience.

We then spent the next day at Universal.


Although I had a blast in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade; EJ & Hubby had the most fun in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure.



EJ’s favorite moment was getting to meet a baby triceratops. EJ just giggled and smiled as the triceratops reacted to him petting it.


As expected, we didn’t get any running in while up there, so I’m glad we ran before we left on Saturday night. We were so exhausted when we got home that we didn’t run Tuesday. But we ran Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday to stay on schedule.

For some reason the runs felt really tough this week. I know Week 5 is one of those hurdles that once you get through it the runs stop feeling so hard. And clearly I’m still improving over my C25k stats, which is good.

The 20 minute straight run was just as hard this time around as it was last time. During the run, I felt like I was having a really crappy run, and compared to Hubby I did (he got over 1 minute ahead of me and had to double back in the last 10 minutes just so he’d know when the workout was over). That is mostly to blame on the fact that I forgot to eat all day. Not to self, make sure to eat on days of “long” runs. I know it sounds stupid, but its a weird thing with depression, feelings like hunger don’t register until I’m STARVING sometimes (other times I can’t get enough food and I probably look like the Cookie Monster when I eat). So I ran out of energy real fast on that run…but I still managed to do better than I did on Wk 5 Day 3 of C25k. That run is the big hurdle, if C25k in any indication my runs for the next few weeks will see lots of improvement.

Today I registered for my first Chip-timed 5k. Ave Maria has a steak cook-off every year, and this year they have added a 5k, the Ribeye Run 5k…so of course I HAD to participate. The run will be next Saturday (12/24) and it should be fun. Sadly, there is no finisher’s medal, but if my age group is small enough, I might have a chance at an AG medal. The only thing I’m not thrilled about is that the run is at 2pm…hopefully the weather will be on the cool side, running in 90 degree weather in the middle of the afternoon does NOT sound like fun.

I’m going to try to stay up on my blogging, but I have a feeling it’s going to be fairly sporadic the next few weeks. There is a lot of stressful stuff going on, money is getting VERY tight & AMIL is still looking for a job. We’ve gotten behind on our rent so I’ve started with Pampered Chef to hopefully bring in some extra income so we don’t get evicted (feel free to contact me if you’d like to order anything or host a webshow (which will get you free product)). And if you plan on making any Amazon purchases, please consider using my affiliate link to make those purchases, as every little bit helps.

Stats (and lots of them):

Week 4, Day 3 Stats 1/03/2015

Distance: 2.30 miles (-0.03)

Time: 33 minutes 34 seconds (-7:23)

Average Pace: 14 minutes 35 seconds per mile (-3:14)

Motivation: 3

Emotion: 3

Week 5, Day 1 Stats 1/07/2015

Distance: 2.47 miles (+0.14)

Time: 37 minutes 07 seconds (-0:39)

Average Pace: 15 minutes 01 seconds per mile (-3:06)

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 5

Week 5, Day 2 Stats 1/09/2015

Distance: 2.44 miles (+0.37)

Time: 36 minutes 44 seconds (+2:49)

Average Pace: 15 minutes 03 seconds per mile (-1.43)

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 5

Week 5, Day 3 Stats 1/10/2015

Distance: 2.47 miles (+0.38)

Time: 34 minutes 45 seconds (+1:16)

Average Pace: 14 minutes 05 seconds per mile (-2:19)

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 5

Read about the equivalent days during C25K training here, here, here, and here


4 thoughts on “System Reset

  1. I love it when I get a system reset after a long run. I guess it’s the endorphins in my case. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Disney; your boy is beautiful.

    Keep running. I’m signing up for a half in Santa Fe (in September) and getting into the lottery for the NYC Marathon (in October) today. Commitment keeps me going, I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah system resets are a wonderful thing. Thank you!
      I’m still running, I’m just not blogging as regularly as I would like. I’ve got my first 5k in a week and a half and another one in May, and I’ve got my eye on a half marathon in September. Hopefully I’ll find a 10k to run in the spring.

      Good luck with the NYC lottery! Hope you get selected


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