I Dinosaurs My First 5k!

Jurassic Park Running Dinos

I know that sounds like a weird title for a post but it’s a bit of a joke. Last night when I posted about my 5k on Facebook, my phone for some reason tried to autocorrect “I finished my first official 5k” to “I DINOSAURS my first official 5k.”

I am so happy to officially be able to check off my first running goal. Crossing that finish line was an incredible feeling. It was the culmination of 4 months of hard work.
EJ was there at the finish line to cheer me on and gave me a high five just before I crossed the finish line.

While I am very proud of my accomplishment, I am also disappointed. The race did not go as well for me as it should have. I started out really strong. I was running at a solid pace, just like I had in my practice runs during the week. My plan was to run 1.25-1.5 miles before my first walk break (in my last practice run I made it 1.35 miles before I needed to walk) then walk for 1/4 of a mile or less, then run for another mile, walk 1/4 mile (or less), then sprint to the finish.

What happened was that at almost exactly 1/2 a mile in my Vagus nerve went haywire. I had to slow down. I started gagging, so I stopped. I tried to puke, but nothing doing so I started running again. But my heart rate was too high so I ended up walking. Then I stopped again. I probably stood there for a minute or two. Finally I puked and got back to running.

But everything was off. My heart rate was faster than it should be, so I had a hard time keeping my breathing where it should be. By the halfway point the muscles in my left leg started tightening which threw off my gait. Oh, and my phone died right after I puked, so I had no idea what my pace & distance was for most of the race; which completely threw off my plan for my run-walk intervals (the course was different that what I had practiced on, so I couldn’t even run anything but the last 1/2 mile by feel/memory of my practice distances). I ended up walking a lot more than I probably should have, but I just couldn’t find the right rhythm.

If I hadn’t have puked I would have more than likely medaled. 3rd place in my age group beat me by about 3 minutes, which was the time I lost trying to puke. Her pace was 11:58/mi and I had been running in the low 11s during my practice runs. Though I didn’t finish a full 5k in practice on Thursday (thanks to menstrual cramps from hell) I did run about 1.5 miles at a 10:58 pace…so theoretically I may have even got better than 3rd as all 3 of the other runners in my age group didn’t run a sub-11 pace. But we’ll never know as what happened is what happened.

Despite my disappointment in my performance I still achieved some milestones with this run. According to my Nike Run+ app my fastest 5k was 40:29 (which I did during Tuesday’s practice run) and my previous (although unofficial) race 5k PB is 42:00. So either way this was a new PB for me! Also, I was 59/62 overall, so I didn’t get the DFL! And going into this race, that was my goal. I didn’t care what my time was, so long as I wasn’t DFL.

The day in general kicked my ass. I spend the entire day (aside from the 5k) manning the Pampered Chef booth at the Steak Cook-Off. That didn’t go horribly, but it didn’t go great. I only got 1 sale and about half a dozen contacts. We were put down one of the side streets that virtually no one went down, so we didn’t see the same traffic as the booths on the main vendor area in the town center. I some how managed to cut my knuckle and scrape up my arm. I’m still not sure how I did either of those injuries, as I didn’t notice the knuckle until I looked down and saw it bleeding, and it was when my shirt rubbed up against my arm that I noticed the scrape there. I also managed to get hemorrhoids, which to me is a sign to never work a booth and run a 5k in the same day.

So now I have to figure out what to do with my race bib. Since this is my first race I want to do something special with it. I thought about putting the bib and the shirt in a shadow box, but since I only have one other shirt to run in I’m intending to wear the shirt. Which leaves just the bib.

If I do my #RunAlltheRaces challenge in 2016 I plan to convert all my Disney bibs into a tote or gym bag, and I will eventually get a bib and medal hanger for the medals and bibs from all my other races, but I want to have some way to commemorate my first race at each distance (and this one in particular, since it is my first race ever). Perhaps I’ll put the bib someplace safe for now and by the end of this year, when I should have had my first race in every distance through marathon I’ll frame them all together.

If you have any suggestions for creative ways to display my bib & commemorate my first race(s) leave them in the comments!

There are no stats to really report because my last report went through the end of week 5 and tonight we will be running week 6. So here is my race shirt and bib!


Ribeye Run 5k Time: 40:27.3 Pace: 13:03/mi


14 thoughts on “I Dinosaurs My First 5k!

  1. Addie says:

    its not creative…but you could probably get a simple document frame for it at the dollar store. Then you could hang it somewhere. Maybe with a little card under with your time? I write my time and the name of the race (if the bin doesn’t say) and date on all of mine. And this weekend I actually wrote my goals on my bib so I could look back at those as well. 🙂

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  2. I was thinking about you yesterday – I never doubted for a second that you could do it! I put my first bib on my fridge – not very creative but (on rare occasions) it did stop me from having a (second) helping of ice cream when I was training. 🙂 congrats again!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Purely coincidental: I wore the shirt from my very first 5K yesterday. That was 2.5 years ago.

    Congrats on the first of many finish lines you will cross!

    As for your troubles along the way — sorry about them but everyone has some complaint, some ache (my knees four miles into a marathon), a fall (not yet), a hurl (almost, again during the marathon), delusions (me . . . marathon), or some damned thing.

    But they aren’t troubles.

    They’re CREDENTIALS!

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  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I’m liking the post because you finished, not because of all the troubles you ran into along the way.

    Ran into? Really? Did I just do that on here? Oy.

    Liked by 1 person

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