Back to the Grindstone

Well, I will say that after the rough week I had last week, I’m doing much better this week. I think I’m ready to get back to regular blogging and the darkness has lifted is siege on me so I’m feeling better (but not quite motivated enough to find gifs and images to fill my blog posts with).

I went for a run Tuesday night. I noticed that my emotional state has a serious effect on my running. When I’m feeling good I perform better and struggle less. Unlike the last few weeks, I was able to more or less keep up with Hubby and I didn’t feel like I was dying by the end of the workout.

I’ve got about 9 weeks left of 10k training, so I’m starting to look for a 10k to register for in March/April so I can have another race under my belt.

Good news/bad news on the Disneyland Half Marathon. AP registration has not completely sold out for the Half (it has for the Dumbo and everything else) so there is still a chance I can get registered before general registration opens up (but I will have to brave general registration if I decide to register EJ for the Kids Races). I also found out that my commission would actually be greater than 20% if I managed to sell the $1000 in merchandise I’m aiming for. But the bad news is that I’ve only sold about $50. I do have what looks to be a rather large party at a neighbor’s house on Thursday, so I’m hopeful that I will get there. However, if you want to help me out (I need another $150 to even close out my webshow) please go order from my Pampered Chef website. There is a lot of great cookware and kitchen gadgets for sale.

Anyways, now back the the stats (I decided not to record the stats for my practice runs last week for the 5k so I don’t actually have any catching up to do)

Week 6, Day 1 Stats 1/26/2015

Distance: 2.68 miles (+.36)

Time: 38 minutes 03 seconds (+1:08)

Average Pace: 14 minutes 12 seconds per mile (-1:54)

Motivation: 6

Emotion: 7

Read about the equivalent days during C25K training here


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