More Ups and Downs

Its been an interesting week.

Depression wise, I’ve been pretty ok, I don’t feel the darkness…or at least it isn’t oppressively there, right now.

But that hasn’t stopped me from being a complete emotional basket case.

I’m finally back to regular running after the insanity that was last week, so that helps. And my Pampered Chef business is doing pretty well.

I didn’t make enough to get the money I needed to register for the Disneyland Half on Tuesday…but maybe I’ll be luck and the half marathon won’t sell out day of. I know I can go the fundraiser route, but given how much I’ve been pestering my friends to host Pampered Chef parties and/or buy product, I don’t want to press my luck by begging them to donate to a charity so I can run the race.

I was supposed to go to Orlando this weekend to do a party for my friend who lives up there. I was excited because I had a whole Mardi Gras theme figured out. Plus I was going to drive up the day before, which meant I was going to get to spend a few hours at Disney World. But the party ended getting canceled today because only 2 people RSVPd that they were coming and my friend didn’t want me to loose money on the trip. So we decided to re-schedule the party for April, when I’ll be there anyways for my birthday.

But I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty disappointed about it. First, I was counting on that show to get me the last $200-ish I need to qualify, and I really wanted to qualify by Monday (which would be my 30 day mark…even though I have 60 days to qualify because of the new consultant bonus that was being offered when I joined). But also because I had convinced myself that it was ok that I didn’t go to Miami to see Johnny Iuzzini last weekend because that would mean I had a bit of money to spend on Disney (and a Dole Whip has been calling my name). So I’m pretty bummed because I didn’t get to go to Miami and now I’m also not going to Orlando. And before you ask, no I can’t really justify just taking a weekend to go to Disney, I could really only do this because I was hoping to make at least enough to cover the cost of the trip.

So now I’m scrambling to find someone to host a party this weekend, or at least a few people to make some purchases so I can get the last of the sales I need to qualify.

I’m also trying to find something to keep me from being too disappointed that I’m not going to Disney this weekend, but considering that was the distraction from the disappointment from last weekend, I’m having a hard time coming up with something.


3 thoughts on “More Ups and Downs

  1. This is a tough one for sure – I’m sorry you didn’t make enough with Pampered Chef to hit your goal. The great thing is that I have no doubt you will find a way to make it happen. Being willing to take massive action is the most important thing. Life and our goals have a way of working themselves out when our commitment is strong.

    Money is an interesting motivator and its helpful when we have the right toolkit at our fingertips to be able to leverage it well. I have been working with doTERRA essential oils for the last year and a half and built a really solid business (I am officially a six-figure mom) for myself in that time. More importantly than that, I have helped other women do the same and they did it much quicker than I did since I now know what I’m doing 😉

    Shoot over to my blog and read my essential oil page and ‘work with me’ if you’re interested in learning more. Happy to talk with you more about this offline. This business changed my life (and my health) and I have seen it do incredible things for others. It’s a product you can believe in, that people NEED in a world of increasingly difficult and expensive healthcare, and its simple to build a business that will grow you residual income. It’s not just about selling a product to earn a commission.

    In any case, GOOD LUCK with everything – I wish you the best!


    • Thanks but no thanks. I may not have hit my goal when I wanted to, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I just wanted my first check to be enough to cover my race entry thing.

      I’m not really into the whole essential oils thing because that area of science is fairly wishy-washy and has a lot of claims that at best can’t be backed up by science and at worst are downright pseudoscience.
      So I don’t think I can “believe” in your product.
      I’ll still with my cookware and my passion for food thank you.

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      • Well, as I said, I wish you the best of luck with everything you’re doing! If you ever do want to look beyond your notion that holistic medicine is ‘wishy washy’, you can do some research on This site compiles peer-reviewed medical studies/journals and testing on the validity of this field. Some of us get to the point in life where we are looking for a different solution to the things that ail us. Again, I wish you the best with all of your goals – I know you’ll hit them!


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