Life Has a Way of Getting in the Way

I had a whole long post written, but WordPress’ mobile app sucks and the whole thing when poof.

So here’s the short form. I’m still alive and I’m doing better, but last week was still a rough one. Its a good thing my Orlando trip got canceled, my host got super sick the day I was supposed to arrive. And I ended up spending the weekend with a migraine and not a lot of spoons (I was so spoon-less I had a meltdown over a PB&J sandwich).
I didn’t run at all last week, but I repeated Wk6D1 on Sunday & I’ll do day 2 tonight.

I did reach my qualification goal for Pampered Chef this weekend, which was the big positive of an otherwise shitty week.
I’m still struggling to book parties & workshops for this month, but my March is almost fully booked already. So I’m feeling fairly confident, I just need to get some people outside of Ave Maria to book shows, because I can only sell so much cookware to the residents of this tiny town.

I should get back to regular running updates tomorrow or Wednesday.


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