New Plans

Well, another week and I’m still not back to my regular routine. Evening conference calls, crappy weather and a little boy who refuses to take naps (then decides that 3 am is the perfect time to play for a few hours) has made it hard to find the energy to get through the 2.5+ mile runs that I’m supposed to be doing right now.

I SHOULD get back into the swing of things (although I’ve been saying that for almost 3 weeks now) this week. I ran on Sunday, and we are running tonight.

However, because of the delay, as well as a few other things, my plans/goals for this year have changed.

I won’t be running Wine & Dine this year, despite that being the goal I set for myself back in September. On the one hand its killing me that I didn’t register with the rest of the AP holders today, but its ok because I like my new plan better.

Operation #RunAllTheRaces2016 is officially a go. I have decided that I am going to run every event of every runDisney race weekend in 2016…including Paris. So that means I WILL be running the Dopey in January (in December I was unsure if I should go for it or not). I figured that it made more sense for me to put the Wine & Dine registration fee towards the Dopey fee, plus instead of making sure I’m ready for the half-marathon in November, I can just concentrate this fall on training for Dopey (but I’m not skipping over half marathon training, that will start next month, I’m just not going to train for the Wine & Dine now).

On the Pampered Chef front things are going well. I had a bit of a rough February as far as bookings are concerned, but March is off to a great start. I have my first recruit, and this weekend I’m meeting with another potential recruit. I’m hoping to be promoted to Director by May (that requires 5 consultants under me…but that does include anyone my consultants recruit) and Advanced Director by August. That will give me not only a ton of extra income to help pay for my races, but it will give me a $2000 bonus!

In other news, I’m a happy Disney fan. Despite not getting to go last month because of the canceled Pampered Chef party, I get to go once a month for the next 3 months! I’ll be up there the week of St Patrick’s day for a Pampered Chef training seminar, and I’ll be spending a day or two in the parks (by myself). In April we are going for a week to celebrate my birthday. I’m super excited about that trip because it will be one of my first “proper” Disney vacations. We’ll be staying in a resort, eating at a few Table Service restaurants, the whole shebang. Then we come back in May for the Expedition Everest Challenge 5k and I’m super excited because we are staying in a Savannah view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I’m so thankful that we had a larger than expected tax return that is allowing for a bit of splurging.
So worry not! I am still alive and I am doing well. I still have the occasional rough day, and I’m just waiting for my insurance card to finally arrive so I can make an appointment and maybe get some anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressants. But all in all, like is not bad.


3 thoughts on “New Plans

    • Aww! Thanks for worrying! That sounds weird, but it’s nice to know someone cares.
      I knew some of my readers missed my regular postings, but to know you were worried really means a lot!
      I’m excited to be increasing my distances. The idea of running a half in the near future is both exciting and terrifying, but that is what makes it so fun


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