The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Yesterday was not a good day.

Yesterday was the day that the snap I felt coming happened. And it wasn’t pretty.

It started the night before. I couldn’t sleep. So of course my brain decided to spend the night freaking out about things I could do nothing about: such as the fact that I have no idea how I’m going to to pay for my Dopey registration.

Then at about 1 am EJ let us know that he was wide awake. So I gave him a bottle of juice. But he didn’t want juice. So I went to get him milk, but we were out of milk. But that was all he wanted. I gave him the gatorade, he handed it back. He wasn’t I’ve rude about it, but it was the last straw. I cracked. I shouted at him. At which point literally all I could do was lay in bed and sob.

The day didn’t get any worse, but of course I was numb and in a daze the whole day.

There were a few little bright spots in the day, however. First, a package arrived for me.

This was what was inside


For the last several months, a friend of mine who lives in Hong Kong had been working on procuring for me the Hong Kong Disneyland exclusive Duffy and Shellie May Tsum Tsums and the not available in North American Parks Shellie May Plushs.

Because as a single guy he had no desire to go to the parks, I had to wait until one of his friends went. Then in an effort to save me some money, instead of paying for international shipping he sent them with some friends who were flying back to the States and they would ship it to me flat rate.

But they are finally mine and it was a nice little mood boost (I called it an early birthday gift…even though I paid for the items).

Then last night while everyone was having dinner (I wasn’t hungry) I was playing around on My Disney Experience and I found a Breakfast reservation for Ohana. Which was pretty much the last dining reservation that I wanted.

Oh, I think I forgot to write about this.
My Birthday is April 5, and to celebrate my family is taking me on a Disney Vacation!  And not just our normal go for a few days and crash with friends trip, but a proper Disney Vacation at a Disney resort with the dining plan and everything! I’m super excited, because this is the first time in my memory (and possibly ever) that I’ve stayed at a Disney Resort and eaten at Disney Table Service restaurants. I’m really looking forward to this trip. And getting that last reservation was another nice little mood boost.

I’m feeling a bit better today. I haven’t been quite motivated enough to go for a run or finish sewing the dress I’m making for myself, but I didn’t yell at EJ or breakdown in tears, which is a win in my book.


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