Feeling Better

I just got back from my much needed vacation. And I’m feeling much better.

Ok, I may still be a little stressed out, but my reasons for feeling that way are understandable, and I’m nowhere near as bad as I was feeling before vacation.

I’m feeling stressed for two reasons. The first is that Hubby left my purse on the resort bus on our last night at Disney, and I’m still working on getting it back. My iPad was in my purse so I have been able to track it. According to the tracking, it is at the Lost and Found (yes, I know Disney well enough to recognize the location it is pinging from as the Lost and Found), but when I call they say it hasn’t been turned in yet. So its a bit of a waiting game. Hopefully it will be processed today and I will be reunited with my stuff soon.

The second reason I’m stressed out is that AP registration for the WDW marathon is next week and I’m only halfway to the cost of Dopey registration. I still have some time to earn the last $250-300 I’m short if I register during general registration instead of AP registration, but my chances of getting a spot go WAY down if I do that. I’m trying not to worry about getting my Dopey registration, but its the first part of the #RunAllTheRaces2016 challenge, and I’d hate to fail my challenge before it even begins because I couldn’t get a bib.

But enough about that, let me tell you about vacation.

Other than loosing my purse (and all the bday gifts that were inside of it, along with my ipad and cell phone) it was a pretty awesome trip.

I met a bunch of characters…although I somehow managed to not meet my two favorite characters: Belle and Tinkerbelle

My favorite character interaction was Peter Pan.

Now, I have to give a bit of background to this.

So, despite Tink being one of my favorite characters, Peter Pan is not really what I would consider a favorite movie of mine. Its not a bad movie, but it isn’t one of my favorites. I’ve always been more partial to the stage musical version (the one with Mary Martin…which is the same version that NBC did for their live musical this past fall). THAT has been one of my favorite movies since childhood. I LOVED watching the NBC production of it, and it got me very emotional while watching it with EJ. I got emotional because I realized that I was no longer the little blonde headed girl crowing along with Peter dreaming of being whisked off to Neverland.

I’ve grown old, Peter. I’m ever so much more than 20

That line kept running through my head as I sang along with “Never Grow Up” and I realized how true it was. There I was a mother enjoying a childhood memory with my own blonde haired little one.

I felt old. And I was emotional.

Fast forward to last week. As I told a friend of mine “Hubby will spend a week dealing with the fact that his wife has been replaced by a 10 year old” because I knew there were going to be moments where my excitement was going to bubble over in such a way that my actions would be reminiscent of a child. I KNEW I was going to want to meet characters (something I don’t typically do when we go to the parks).

For some reason, while in Magic Kingdom, I suddenly felt this need to make sure I met Peter Pan. I couldn’t explain it. I skipped Gaston (someone I was DYING to meet) to make sure I got to meet Peter.

As I was sitting there waiting to meet him and adjusting my Birthday Button, a familiar line ran through my head

I’ve grown old, Peter. I’m ever so much more than 20

Suddenly, I found myself really emotional. I messaged a friend and told her I thought I might end up crying while meeting him.

I didn’t cry…well, not during the interaction at least. Walking back to meet up with Hubby was a different story.

When it was my turn, Peter came over to where I was standing in line and escorted me over to the meeting spot. I said “I’ve been waiting a very long time to meet you”

“You have”

“Yes. Ever since I was a little girl”

“Did I take you to Neverland as a child?”

“YES! Yes you did!”


“I though so, you look familiar”

I handed him a piece of white cloth (I was having all the characters I met sign a square, which I will eventually sew into a quilt)

“what’s this for” he asked as he signed it

“I’m making a quilt”


“I do”

“Are you a mother?”

“I am”

“I thought so, all mothers should know how to sew. I bet you are a good mother, just like Wendy. Do you sew for your child?”

“I do. I make him all sorts of costumes and I even made him his own fairy”

“His own fairy! That is wonderful! I bet you sew his shadow back on too. That’s what Wendy did for me”

It was just such a special moment for me that I totally didn’t expect to be so meaningful.

And in hindsight, while I’m disappointed that I didn’t meet Gaston, Belle, or Tink, I’m ok with it because I don’t think the interactions with them would have been as special as this one was.



5 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I can only imagine the hours of training and rehearsals they go through to be their character! I know I read they all practice signatures so they are consistent for that character 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww that was great! I can’t believe you’re doing Dopey, that is awesome, I am not ready for that yet, (not to mention the fees)! But, I will be running the marathon for my first, and I’m running with a charity so that take the pressure off registering next week. Good Luck, hope to meet at EEC.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome that you are running for a charity. I’ve had to beg all my friends to buy from Pampered Chef, so I don’t think I’d be able to raise the money required to run with a charity.
      Sometimes I think I’m insane for attempting Dopey, but at the same time I’ve got until January to train, so I think I can do it!


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