Back to regular training

It’s been over a week since EEC.
I should have started my training a day or two after we got back from Orlando, but that didn’t happen. Between the 5k and walking around AK & DTD I was NOT ready to start running. I had planned to go for a run last Wednesday, but my right shin was sore and I was worried it was the start of shin splints, so I elected to give it another day or two of rest. Then it was the weekend and there was rain and Mother’s Day. So Tuesday night I finally got back out to running.

I am no longer following the C25K/10k program. I’ve decided instead to start my Dopey training, so I’m following Galloway’s training plan with a really easy pace to work on my endurance and get my milage up, then in July when I’m supposed to actually start the program I’ll start again from the beginning training with a faster pace.

I ran with a 1/1 interval this week, which is a good comfortable pace right now, athough I plan to increase that to at least 2/1 if not 3/1 by July.

I think one of my favorite things about my new job is that I’m around people who love fitness, which is helping me stay in that mindset and actually feel like I want to run, because I’m not getting that organically anymore.

I am really enjoying my new job. And I’m super excited because I’m going to be getting more responsibilities and more hours, including the potential to actually do some teaching (not Tae Kwon Do classes, but other less formal fitness classes). And if I can bring in 20 new students before Princess registration the school is going to sponsor me for that race.

Speaking of race sponsoships. Its clear that I’m going to have to do some fundraising in order to pay for #RunAllTheRaces2016 so I’m looking into crowdfunding options. However if I go that route I really want to take the opportunity to bring as much awareness to Depression as possible. So I’m thinking that a portion of everything I raise will go to a depression/mental health charity. I just need to find a good one. If you know any (other than the National Center for Suicide Prevention, because people with depresison need help LONG before suicide comes into the picture, and that is what I want to concentrate on) please leave your suggestions (and a link if possible) in the comments!


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