I’m Still Here

I started a post 2 days ago. I’ll probably post over the weekend or sometime next week, depending on how the weekend goes. But I’ve got a lot of updates about my training, my diet, and my emotions.

For the most part I’ve been doing pretty well. I’m running regularly and I love my job.

But today I’m in a bit of a funk. I wish I could go into more detail, but I don’t really think I’m at liberty to discuss with the whole internet everything that is going on.

Don’t worry EJ, Hubby, and I are all ok and healthy, as is our families.

But something happened involving my family (doen’t worry its not anything that effects my relationship with my parents or siblings) that I just found out about today, and it totally through me for a loop.

It may very well effect me in more than just emotional ways in the longer run (hopefully not), but for now I’m just reeling from the information that I learned.

Sorry for being so criptic, but I really don’t think I can go into more detail.

If you are the praying type please keep my family and myself in your prayers.


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