#RunAllTheRaces2016 is Officially a Go…maybe

Oh, hey, look. I’m still alive. I know I say this a lot, but life has been a rollercoaster since my last post.

Some good things have been happening: I’m now teaching a basic fitness class at MAFA, which has actually done TONS for my self confidence, we had our first belt testing and I couldn’t be prouder of how MAFA is growing. Its nice to not only have a job, but to have a job I love going to.

But then some really crappy things have happened too: Not only was there all the crappy stuff in my last update post, but a lot of other crappy stuff like a week with a broken air conditioner, followed by a few days without power (long story…don’t really want to talk about it)

I came pretty close to a breakdown earlier this week from everything that’s been going on. Thankfully Hubby had a few days of PTO and both his direct manager and the store manager were very understanding/sympathetic to the situation, so he was able to take some time off to be there for me.

Dopey Challenge Training Started about 2 weeks ago. But because of the near breakdown I only got 2 of my 3 runs in this past week. It literally took everything in me just to show up for work on the day I skipped my run, I did not have the spoons to get out there.

So I’m officially in #RunAllTheRaces2016 mode…or as much as I can be.

Part of what has made this week so tough is the realization that I have no idea how I’m going to pay for Princess Weekend. The Glass Slipper Challenge and the Princess 5k is just under $400, and unlike for Star Wars registration there is no magical way for me to pull together the funds. So much money went to dealing with all the bullshit of the last few weeks that I don’t even have enough to pay for the 5k.

MAFA was going to sponsor me, but I had to recruit 20 people. As of today only 10 people have signed contracts. And its not that I haven’t tried: I’ve posted flyers, I’ve talked to people, gave out business cards, shared links and flyer images in facebook groups, I even got us a table at the Memorial Day picnic. I’ve had somewhere close to 30 people come in and try classes (and god know how many leads generated), but from that I’ve only signed 10. And while that ratio is nothing to complain about, its disappointing because that’s all I have to show for the last 2 months of recruiting work. My boss says not to give up hope yet, because a lot can happen between now and Monday. But the fact of the matter is, there are no more classes until Tuesday, and anyone who contacts me/him about taking classes aren’t going to sign a contract this weekend, they are going to take a free class next week. MAYBE might get one contract this weekend (someone who tried class last week, but didn’t show up this week due to schedule conflicts), and I may have at least one new person take my fitness class Monday morning, but the reality is that still only puts me at 12 of 20 if they both sign contracts before registration. And if I don’t register when registration opens at noon on Tuesday, I’m not going to get my bibs. Star Wars sold out in under 2 hours, and Princess won’t be any different.

So…yeah…I don’t know what I’m going to do…other than go for my run tonight.

I’ve started my crowdfunding campaign (more on that in another post, I just didn’t want the info on that to be bogged down by all this emotional crap), so there is the slightest amount of hope that I still may be able to pull this off, but at this point I’m not holding my breath.


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