I’m trying to #RunAllTheRaces2016 For Anxiety, Depression and the ADAA

I’m attempting to #RunAllTheRaces and I need your help!

Ok so quick run down for any new readers that I may have:

I have depression and anxiety. Part of how I treat it is through running; something I’ve been doing since fall of 2014. It has made a big difference in my life, especially at a time where medication has not been an option.

Thanks to running I’m able to more or less manage my symptoms, to the point where earlier this spring I was finally able to not just work up the strength to apply for a job, but to actually be hired and enjoy working said job. I’ve even been given more responsibilities, including teaching my own fitness class.

I decided I wanted to use a medium I know (running) as a way to raise awareness for a very stigmatized pair of disorders that it is not easy for people to open up about, as well as to have my story be a source of encouragement for other who are struggling as I have, to help show them that it gets better.

So I’ve decided to undergo a challenge I’m calling #RunAllTheRaces2016

I’m going to attempt to run the entirety of the RunDisney race series, which is 22 individual races for a total of about 200 miles.

Last week I started training for my first event: The Dopey Challenge; which is a total of 48.6 miles over 4 days.

But I’m not rich, so the only way I can succeed in this challenge is with some help. I’ve started a Fundrazr to raise money, and I’ve created what I think are some pretty awesome perks. The money raised will help defray the costs of registration. I will also be donating a minimum of 10% of all funds raised to the ADAA. If I meet/exceed my funding goal I’ll be increasing the percentage, hopefully to the point where the majority of the funds raised will be donated to the ADAA. Every dollar helps, however I am looking for sponsors for either individual races or the challenges (such as the Dopey Challenge I’m currently training for). If you or your company want to sponsor me, there are some pretty good perks at the sponsorship donation levels. And if you don’t care about some of those perks, but still want to sponsor me, I’m willing to discuss options.

If you are not too keen on crowdfunding, you can also use my Amazon Affiliates link, and I’ll get a small percentage of your purchase amount (but it doesn’t cost you anything extra). You can visit the Support page for more ways (mostly different programs Amazon offers) to help support my efforts.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Be sure to keep following along here as I blog about my training and races!

For more about me and how running helps my depression see my about page, this post and this post.


5 thoughts on “I’m trying to #RunAllTheRaces2016 For Anxiety, Depression and the ADAA

    • Thanks, I’m kind of intimidated by January (Dopey and Rebel back to back), but I figure if I can get through that, everything else will be a breeze!
      The fundraiser is ongoing (I specifically chose the platform I did because it would allow me to keep raising money until the end of the challenge), so hopefully you’ll be able to donate at some point!

      See you at Dopey!


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