Why I Like Running Alone

When I first started running, I absolutely needed someone to run with me. The idea of being out there alone just didn’t appeal to me, plus I knew I needed someone to hold me accountable to make sure I actually went out for my run and to keep me from giving up mid-run.

Now, I prefer the solitude of running alone. I don’t listen to music. It’s just me, my thoughts, and the quiet outdoors.

I don’t feel like I have to keep pace with anyone, or talk to them. I can work through the things that have been on my mind. I can just get lost in my running and not worry about where I’m going. I can see things I otherwise would have missed. I can wonder at the beauty of my surroundings, and for a brief while free my mind of the shackles of my disorders.

This is part of what makes running so therapeutic for me.

The Oatmeal perfectly illustrates why running works for me in one of the comics in his book on running. Unfortunately, I can only find the first panel.


The second panel is the world looking bright and colorful, the burden gone, and the person saying “Wheee! Fuck all that!”

And that is basically what running does for me.

This week it has been particularly enjoyable. On Thursday the sky was clear, the stars were bright, and I met a deer crossing the road in front of me. It made for a rather enjoyable run.

I’ve been seeing the deer a lot lately. This was not taken during a run, but I’ve seen them frequently while running.


Then last night I had a really great run.
Despite having a decent pace back in January, my speed has really suffered from the lack of training I had in the spring. I’ve been running at a solid 15 min/mi pace, which while still in the acceptable pace range for Disney is nowhere near where I want to be.

I don’t know what was different about last night, but last night I ran an average pace if 12 min/mi, which is MUCH closer to where I was at the beginning of the year. And my pace was fairly consistent throughout all my splits, which is something I also struggle with.

I’ve decided to alter my training for Dopey a little bit. Since I spent the majority of May & June running the first 2 months of Dopey training, I’m going to devote my Tuesday/Thursday runs to this training program to help improve my speed. I’m hoping to get myself below a 10 minute single mile in the next 8 weeks, which will hopefully also improve my long distance pace as well (I’d like to be able to run my Half in October with a sub 11 min/mi pace).

Today is supposed to be a rest day, but I might go out for a run or go to work and kick the wavemaster for a bit.

This whole Princess registration thing is really stressing me out, and as I expected I didn’t get any contracts over the weekend, and while I did have a new student in my class this morning, she is already on our family plan, so that doesn’t change anything.

My Fundrazr isn’t going to well either. Since its launch I’ve had 3 donations for a total of $70, and a handful of shares from friends on facebook.

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do about registration tomorrow. I may be able to sign up through a charity, but then I’ll have to do a fundraiser to raise the money for whatever charity I get a bib from. And trying to get people to donate to two different fundraisers is going to be next to impossible. But I guess we’ll see what happens.


6 thoughts on “Why I Like Running Alone

  1. runsonsyrup says:

    I totally agree! Running with buds can be amazing, but for the most part, I’m solo. I especially like racing alone so I can focus more on the competition, and now how my friends are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is advantages and disadvantages to both. I think it all depends on what your needs/priorities are. If you need encouragement running buddies are great! If you need concentration solo is the way to go


    • As one of my favorite running quotes says “no matter how slow you are, you are still lapping the people sitting on the couch!”

      If when you do get out there, I highly recomend couch to 5k, the run/walk intervals make getting out there seem not so tough


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