Princess Registration Update

When I posted on Monday, my outlook looked pretty grim for yesterday’s registration and the future of #RunAllTheRaces2016. I was considering deferring Dopey and Rebel and trying again in 2017, while praying that Hubby’s grad school schedule was not going to be so insane as to make it impossible for me to go to my races. I was starting to look for TAs to book through (because unfortonately, my travel agent who I adore doesn’t get bibs) or charities I could run with, knowing that neither of those options would be ideal but could get me to my goal.

I went to bed crying Monday Night

But I was crying Happy Tears because my fundraiser went from $90 in donations to $410 in the span of about 2 hours.

It took a bit of creativity, because it takes a few days for the donated money to end up in my bank account, but I got it all figured out and I’m happy to announce


The registration itself was the most insane and stressful one I’ve experienced so far, but I made it and got bibs for both the Glass Slipper Challenge and the Princess 5k!

Once I register for Tinkerbell next month I’ll be halfway through registration.

Hopefully Tink won’t be nearly the emotional rollercoaster that Princess has been. Between getting increased hours at work and having my Fundrazr up and running, hopefully the only thing that will make that stressful will be the actual registration (and if I’m really lucky that one will go as smoothly as Dopey and Star Wars did).

I don’t have any regular training stats to share, because I ended up not running. I knew if I tried to get up early to run that I’d just be tired and cranky by the time registration rolled around. And I forgot that we added a new class to our T/TH schedule at work, so instead of getting home around 9pm, it was after 10 and I was STARVING. And because I had to get up at 5:30 to teach my fitness class I knew I had to choose between eating dinner or going on a run. Food won. So I’m shifting my schedule by a day and running tonight.

Tonight will be interesting, as it will be the first night of my speed work training to help improve my pace, because I still want to get my average pace down to a 10 minute mile and my fastest standalone mile to 9 or lower. My goal is to be able to have my time for my POT half marathon be 3:00 or faster. So my weekday runs for the next 8 weeks will be all about improving my speed, while my weekend run will be about distance.

Last week I ran a standalone mile (or as the Galloway plan calls it, a Magic Mile). I didn’t do intervals, I just ran an entire mile at a sustainable pace. This gave me my baseline for my fastest mile program, and gave me a number to plug into Galloway’s Magic Mile calculator to see what my expected finish time for the various distances, as well as what intervals I should be running. I ran a 11:15, which was not terrible, but not great. So I’ll be reporting that on my stats now too.

Just a reminder, my fundraiser is still going, and will be for a while, so please consider donating!


2 thoughts on “Princess Registration Update

    • It was! Dopey and Star Wars were so easy, I got lulled into a false sense of security. For those races I had the link 5 minutes before registration opened, was at the head of the queue and was registered and confirmed within 5 minutes after it opened.
      For Princess I couldn’t even get the link until after it opened, and I was in the queue for a few minutes. I was so worried that Glass Slipper was going to be on hold or sold out by the time I got to the registration screen!

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