My next Race Registration is quickly approaching! Tinkerbell Half Marathon registration opens on August 11

I’m not naive enough to assume that I’ll be able to register on Tuesday (stupid end of month bills coming due), but I’m very hopeful about general registration (despite how stressful that is).

However, it will be infinitely easier to register if I can get a few more donors.

I haven’t had a single donation since Princess Registration, and overall I’m only at 5% of my fundraising goal.

So I’m asking for help. I understand that not everyone can donate. But if you can help get the word out that would be a big help too!

The more people that hear about the fundraiser, the more likely it will be to find someone to would be willing to donate.

So please share the fundraising link through your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc), you can even use this image on Instagram

You can also reblog this post or write your own post with any or all of those links in there.

To just cover registration (and the 10% donation to the ADAA) I’ll need to raise at least $500 (more once you add in the cost of the perks…which is why the sponsorship levels are so high, you get a lot of stuff).

Please help me get there before registration!

And thank you for your help!


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