Sometimes Good Weeks Happen

When you have depression, it’s pretty easy to just trudge through a life of black and grey where everything is either bad or not so bad (if you can feel anything at all). Good things may happen, but they are just tiny blips on the radar filled with blah.

But every once in a while, I have one of those weeks where things don’t feel quite so hopeless.

This is one of those weeks

And it feels so freaking weird! I’m not used to feeling this way! I’m used to either be constantly be worring/upset about sonething, no feeling anything and just being generally spoonless, or only having a constant positive emotion because I’m excited about something (like a trip to Disney).

Now there is a little bit of that last one at play here, but it goes beyond that, which is part of what makes this feel so weird. Usually the positive emotion comes from fixating on whatever I’m looking forward to, but it doesn’t typically result in a positive outlook on life in general. And that is what I have this week, mixed with a little bit of impatience similar to a child with no concept of time waiting for Christmas


 or Bellatrix Lestrange

I’ve been impatient because I’m waiting for some stuff to arrive in the mail, and getting mail…especially packages, always makes me happy.

But while I’m awaiting my packages of running gear here is what has been going on that I think is contributing to my positive outlook this week.

Running Improvement

I’ve been working really hard at improving my my speed with the Nike training plan I’ve been following in conjunction with my Dopey training. Over short distances I’m consistently hitting what equates to an 8 minute mile (give or take 10 seconds). And that isn’t even an all out sprint, it’s a pace that I know with a bit of work and practice that I can sustain, which should drastically improve my Magic Mile, and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to run my proof of time half marathon with a sub 10 pace.
I’m coming in from my runs hot, sweaty, and exhausted, but feeling good.
It’s nice to feel like I’m making progress.

New Shoes


Aren’t they pretty?!

They are the brand new Asics Gel Quantum 360. They were released about a week and a half ago.
I’ve never had a pair of newly released shoes before, so I’m as giddy as a school girl. And I absolutely love the colors.

And the best part? I GOT THEM FOR FREE!

To celebrate the release of the shoe, Asics has a contest. You had to take some specific photos, then go to a local participating store and try on the shoes and show an employee the pictures. Then you were given an entry into a drawing to win one of two pairs of shoes each participating store had to give away. And they drew my name!
I almost cried when they called me, because I knew I was going to need a new pair of running shoes before Dopey, but it was going to be tough to come up with the $150-200 for a pair when paying for hotels and flights and all that stuff for #RunAllTheRaces2016. So to win a pair, particularly a pair I really liked, was HUGE.
I can not wait to go for a run in them tonight!

I also had something else awesome happen today, but that will be the subject of its own post.

Hubby has also decided to take me bra shopping tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll find a nice one that works at a decent price.

I’ve also started this thing called Happify. It’s kind of like luminosity, except it’s supposed to help train me to think positively. I’ve been skeptical about it, and it’s hard to tell how much effect it’s had on my outlook this week, but there is no denying that my outlook this week has been better than its been lately.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes Good Weeks Happen

  1. I found your blog through Greg’s Why I Run Disney blog. I have cyclothymia (a milder form of bipolar) and anxiety. It is so encouraging to find someone else who understands what this feels like. I look forward to continuing to read your blog and follow you on your journey. I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon last year. It was amazing. I also ran the Avengers 5k. I plan on running the Disneyland Half again in 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m always happy to meet a fellow runner with Mental Health struggles. As you said it’s nice to know that others can identify with and relate to what you are going through.
      Hopefully I’ll see you at the Disneyland Half in 2016 🙂


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