I’m Feeling

Its a new Dawn. Its a New Day. Its a New Life for me. And I’m Feeling….Good

Its a new week and I’m still riding those good feelings from last week. While it is still weird to have a default positive, I’m going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts. It’s so weird to have my emotional score be so high.


Who are you and what have you done with Sadness?

My Motivational Score is still low, but that is more from exhaustion/lack of sleep than from my mood. Apparently my sleep sucks so bad that I’m only getting about 4 hours of real sleep a night. That would explain my lack of energy.

Anyways, my weekend went really well. We went to the Outlet Mall on Saturday. There are lots of athletic brand stores (Asics, Nike, Reebok, etc) so we figured that was the best place to start in the Great Sports Bra Hunt. I finally found one, at the Under Armour store. I had looked at the bra online and marked it as a possibility. We tried other stores first because the only bra I found that was more expensive was from Victoria Secret. But the Under Armour one worked the best. And to top it all off they were on sale! They were 2 for $60, so I got 2 bras for what I had budgeted for one!


How I felt trying on the bra, then discovering it was on sale

I also got an email with a $10 in store credit for Sports Authority, which I used to get 6 packages of energy chews for less than $2 out of pocket, which was great because I was out of the ones I like (Powerbar Raspberry and Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade) and only had one pack of Gatorade chews at home.
Then we got home and I had a bevy of packages sitting on my doorstep. It was the majority of the stuff I had been less than patiently waiting for, plus one surprise package.

Most of the packages were Raw Threads pieces. I bought a running skirt during their shelf sale, then I bought 2 shirts and a headband in a Raw Threads Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook.

Then I opened the Surprise Package. This package was from EJ’s “Adopted” grandmother…the mother of his Godmother, a friend of mine from AMU. She is an awesome lady and we are pretty much all family. She had mentioned that she sent me something, but I had forgotten about it, and I had no idea what it was.

I open it up, and inside is a Fitbit Charge and a note saying it was her & her husband’s contribution to my #RunAllTheRaces2016 endeavor and I could either use it for myself or sell it and put that money towards my next race registration. I was all

Right now I’m using it, because I’ve been wanting a fitness tracker, especially one that tracks sleep, but a little part of me keeps thinking I should sell it, as it could cover a good chunk of Tink registration, which I’m still a long way off from covering with fundraiser donations.

I’m starting to worry about paying for Tink, but I’m not stressing out yet. We are finally back on top of all our bills, so I should be able to pay out of pocket, but that is not a for sure thing yet as we are only just out of the hole.

My run on Sunday Night was interesting.

I got to use all my new running gear (except my new shoes, because it was a long run I decided not to wear the new shoes, and to instead break them in on my maintenance runs).

I was doing a 5.5 mile run, which is just at my outer limit of not needing to bring fuel with me, so long as a fuel before I leave (100 calories of chews 10 min before the workout).

But I forgot to fuel before I left. I realized it 1 mile in to the run, but at that point I decided there was no purpose in running home to get my chew. Running in less than optimal conditions is good training too. So I kept going. It was a struggle, but I was doing ok, my pace was closer to a 14 minute mile instead of the 13 I was trying to run. Then at the 3 mile mark I heard the unmistakable sound of rain in the near distance. I figured I had less than a minute before it was upon me. I was about 1 mile from my house, but I figured that I’d be soaked by the time I got home so I might as well run the extra mile and finish the workout.

I expected to be miserable, but the rain was actually really refreshing. I ran better during those last 2 miles than I did the first 3, and I ended up finishing the run with an average pace of 12:59. However, my phone died just after I reached 5 miles, so I had to do the last half mile by feel. I had a feeling I was a little short, but by the time I reached my house I was so wet and cold that I was ready to just go inside and dry off. I ended up only running 5.36 miles, but I don’t think that last .14 of a mile was going to make that big of a difference.

It definitely seems like my weekday speed work is helping, I look forward to doing my next Magic Mile at the end of the speed work training plan to see how I’ve improved and to make those changes to my Galloway intervals.

Tinkerbell Registration is August 11, my goal is to reach $1000 in donations by then. That would sent $100 to the ADAA, as well as cover the cost of 2 race weekend registrations. If every one of my 130 followers donated at the $5 level (which would also get you a video of me drinking a shot of the nasty Beverly soda at Club Cool when I’m next at Disney World) I’d reach my $1000 goal (I already have $400+ in donations, so I’m already halfway there). And if you can’t sent a fiver my way, sharing my fundrazer with others would also be a huge help. I know there are generous souls out there who would love to support me and my cause and I’m praying that the good luck and generosity that has followed me for the last week will continue through the next 2 weeks.

Dopey Training Week 4 Day 3
Fastest Mile Training Week 2 Day 3

Distance: 5.36 mi

Time: 1:09:35

Average Pace: 12 minutes 59 seconds per mile

Motivation: 5

Emotion: 8


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