Catching Up

Oh, hey, look at that. Its been another long stretch of time during which I absolutely sucked at blogging.

September was a crazy month. I got a really nasty sinus infection that lasted about 2 weeks. Then right after that we moved into our permanent location at work, and its kind of been non-stop since then.

My training suffered a little bit thanks to either being sick or working late when my boss was sick, but I’m back to it now and only a week behind where I should be in my training.

I have some time to kill today, so I’m probably going to knock out a few specific blog post about various things, like an upcoming 5k that I have for Special Olympics Fl that I’m trying to raise money for, and a recap of my first half marathon, which I ran about a week and a half ago.

#RunAllTheRaces2016 is still a go. I’m now officially registered for Dopey, Star Wars Light Side, Princess, Tinkerbell, and Star Wars Dark Side.

Paris packages opened today. I have not booked yet. Prices are very reasonable, however the one and only Travel Agency that has bibs for the US requires a 50% deposit due at booking, with 25% due a month later and the remaining 25% due in December. If I had to pay a deposit then had 6 months to pay off the balance, no problem, but there is no way I can swing having to pay the whole thing off before Christmas. So it looks like I’ll be waiting until the individual bibs (without vacation packages) go on sale in January and then booking my hotel etc either through Disneyland Paris directly, or through a non-runDisney travel agency. I’m beginning to think that Paris won’t happen for me, but *fingers crossed* hopefully it will all work out.


5 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Britsrundisney says:

    I’d check the UK travel agents – they might sell you one (I think the fact it says UK is just because they are based in the UK and probably not that they wouldnt sell you one). Some of the ones I looked at didnt include flights so you would just buy those separately from the airline. Worth a look

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