No Longer Faking It

Another month, another excuse post. I swear, just about every time I think I’ve got life figured out, something else comes up.

On the plus side, its all good news again.

I’ve picked up a second job!

I’m still working at the gym about 25 hrs a week, but I’m also getting about 11 hours a week at Fit2Run.

I wasn’t even thinking about looking for another job, but we were shopping at Fit2Run and they had a sign out that they were hiring. So on a whim I put in my application. A bit over a week later I got a call for an interview.

I have never had such a BS interview before in my whole life. And I’ve had an interview where I was told when I walked in that I was going to be given the job, but they still had to go through the interview process.

I was confident going into the interview, but still nervous. I was acquaintances with both the Store Manager and the Assistant Manager. They are great about taking the time to get to know their regular customers, and it didn’t hurt that I recently won a pair of shoes from the store.

I was never asked about my qualifications, or asked to give an example of how I would sell a product, or any of the stuff I’m used to having to do when applying for a sales job. I was asked how my training for Dopey was going, if I liked the Asics I won, what my availability was, if I was OK working Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and how soon I was available to start. The rest of the 15-20 minute interview was basically the start of orientation, I was told a bit about the company’s history and it’s core principles, given a run down on dress code and told what paperwork I needed to bring in when I came for my first shift.

I told Hubby afterwards that I suspected they had every intention of hiring me even without the interview. Turns out that is exactly what happened.

The Assistant Manager mentioned that she read the articles I wrote for The Main Street Mouse, specifically the Gear for Beginners series I was just concluding. She said she showed the Store Manager my post on running shoes, saying “don’t even interview her, just hire her, she knows her stuff”

I don’t think she realized just how much that meant to me. For a while now, I’ve very much felt like an “imposter” in the running community. I’ve been writing my running column for TMSM for months now, but only ran my first Half Marathon in Early October. I’m hesitant to tell people that I’m “foolish” enough to do Dopey when I have never run a marathon before, same with giving people advice. I love to share advice, but I’m hesitant to say how recently my first half was, or that I’ve only been running for a year. Rightly or wrongly, I let people assume that I’ve been doing this for a long time. So I’ve very much felt like I’ve been doing that “fake it till you make it” sort of thing, even though I know that I know what I’m talking about, I just have always assumed that people won’t take me seriously because I’m still relatively new to the sport.

But I don’t have to do that anymore. If I’ve demonstrated that I’m knowledgeable enough for a store manager to be told that I should be hired without an interview, then clearly I’m not faking it, not do I have a need to. I know my stuff.

I am a runner.


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