Motivational Scoring

At the bottom of most posts, along with my distance, time, and heart rate, you may have noticed the “Emotional Score” and “Motivational Score” values. This is how I keep track of how my depression is improving. Below is a handy visual guide to the meaning of the motivational score numbers. It is pretty straight forward. On a scale of 0-10, how motivated do I feel? Not just motivated to run, but motivated to do ANYTHING: get out of bed, eat, clean, cook, call someone on the phone, take a shower. The more depressed I am, the less I want to do anything, including things I actually want to do.

0. Less than no motivation.

NOPE not doing anything. In fact its very likely that, unless you bring me food, I won’t eat today, because even making a bowl of cereal takes too much effort.

1. No motivation.

I’m out of bed. Don’t expect anything else from me

2. Couch Potato

Motivation 2

I’m out of bed. I may or may not be dressed, but I have no intention of getting off this couch unless I’m starving or need to pee.

3. Interactive Couch Potato

Motivation 3

I have enough energy to post on Facebook and play Tsum Tsum and other apps for hours. Don’t expect me to do productive things on the computer, like pay bills, though.

4. Motivational Awareness


I know there are even basic things I should be doing (like taking a shower), and I care that they haven’t been done yet, but my motivation is still AWOL

5. Minimal Motivation


Minimal output. I might not take a nap during naptime, I might shower instead. I won’t slave away over the stove all day, but I’ll warm up leftovers for dinner and I probably had something more complicated than a bowl of cereal for lunch (like top ramen or a microwavable sandwich)

6. Motivated to do Something Unimportant


There may be more important things to do, but you know what, I feel like making a cake today, so I’m going to make a freaking cake and I’m going to feel great about it because I’ve actually accomplished something (but beware the inevitable meltdown if stuff goes wrong & the cake doesn’t get made)

7. Begrudgingly Motivated

There are things, like laundry, that have to be done, and I’m going to do them (or at least one or two of them, depending on how long the list is) but I’m not exactly thrilled about it

8. Vaguely Motivated


I’m going to pick one thing and I’m going to do the shit out of that thing! Mountain of laundry? I’m going to sort, wash and dry it all (but not fold it, lol). Or maybe I’ll scrub down all the bathrooms. Or sweep, vacuum, and/or mop all the floors. Whatever it is, holy cow will it get done.

9. Happily Motivated


I’m going to turn on a happy little working song (well, maybe not that happy little working song, but a song I can enjoy while working) and I’m going to just start knocking things off the “to do” list.

10. Extreme Motivation

Shit is getting done and nothing and nobody is going to stop me.


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