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People say “Running is cheaper than therapy” and “Running is the best exercise, because its free” these people clearly have never been to a psychologist and are not serious runners.

Running, especially as a female and a mother, is expensive. Running Shoes are not cheap, need to fit property and wear out quickly and thus need to be replaced frequently. Proper running clothes also add up: compression, pants, shorts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, a jacket, socks, and sports bras. Plus, because I have a mini running partner I need a running stroller, as a normal stroller doesn’t have the right profile, center of balance, or maneuverability; which is also not cheap.
Then you add in registration fees for events and you are suddenly spending large chunks of money for a “cheap” hobby. And unlike traditional therapy, insurance companies won’t cover these expenses; even if, like me, you are using it to treat something like depression.

By using the Affiliate Links below you are helping keep this site alive by not only helping cover the maintenance of the blog, but by helping me cover my running expenses.

Thank you for your support! I receive a small portion of your purchase when you use this link to purchase items on Amazon

Amazon Prime Free Trial I receive a few dollars when you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime (and it doesn’t matter if you cancel.

Fundrazr Donate to my crowdfunding campaign to help fund #RunAllTheRaces2016. There are lots of great perks, and a minimum of 10% of all donations will go to the ADAA

Bombas these are my all time favorite running socks. Not only are they super comfortable with slight arch compression and blister protection. But for every pair purchased they donate a pair to the homeless. If you use my link you’ll get 25% off your first purchase and they’ll send me a free pair (with two pairs donated to the homeless). These are seriously awesome socks.


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