Support Me and Special Olympics Fl

Despite being in the middle of training and fundraising for #RunAllTheRaces2016, I couldn’t resist signing up for a 5k at Universal Studios on November 21 to benefit Special Olympics Fl.

I paid my entry fee, but I would feel really shitty not having anything to donate as well. So I’ve been trying to raise a bit of money for them, but after a solid month of asking friends and family, I haven’t gotten a single donation. I don’t blame them, most of my friends are young families or poor college students, and quite a few of them have donated to my #RunAllTheRaces2016 fundraiser, so I didn’t expect much in the way of donations.

I have a modest fundraising goal of $150 (although I’d love to raise $1500 for them). If any of my readers would be generous enough to help me reach that goal, I’d be super appreciative.

Unlike my campaign on Fundrazr for #RunAllTheRaces2016, everything donated to the FirstGivining fundraiser goes directly to Special Olympics Fl.

I’ve got one week to raise the money. Please consider helping me and this great cause.

Donate here


Princess Registration Update

When I posted on Monday, my outlook looked pretty grim for yesterday’s registration and the future of #RunAllTheRaces2016. I was considering deferring Dopey and Rebel and trying again in 2017, while praying that Hubby’s grad school schedule was not going to be so insane as to make it impossible for me to go to my races. I was starting to look for TAs to book through (because unfortonately, my travel agent who I adore doesn’t get bibs) or charities I could run with, knowing that neither of those options would be ideal but could get me to my goal.

I went to bed crying Monday Night

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Everything We Know So Far about the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend

I know, I know, I’m still failing at this blogging regularly thing. But I start Dopey training on Tuesday, so I have no more excuses! I’ve been working on an update post about what’s been going on since my last post, but that will probably be published tomorrow, as I spent this morning writing this post for TMSM, a Disney fan site I am a contributing blogger for. My friend Addie and I write their weekly RunDisney series. I decided to share the post here as well, because I’m super excited about the Paris Half and everyone needs to know about the new information that has come out about it!

Ever since the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon was announced back in February at the Princess Half Marathon, runDisney fans have been anxious for more details.

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I Must Be Dopey

Wow…yeah I have a lot to catch up on.

Lots of good things happening in my life right now.

First off, I got a new job, and more importantly its not at-home, nor is it entirely commission based. I’m now the administrator and social media manager for the new Martial Arts school that is opening up in Ave…well has opened, sorta. Classes have started but they are in a temporary location while the building is being finished.

I’m absolutely loving my job and its exciting to be on the ground level of a new business that is definitely going to grow leaps and bounds over the next few years.

I’ve finally gotten back to running regularly…but because I’ve been so bad about no running I’ve started over at the beginning of 10k training. Which is fine, except I have the Expedition Everest 5k on Saturday.


I ran a 5k last night, just to make sure I could do it. So while I’m not as ready for the race as I’d like to be, I am confident that I’m not going to die.

I have decided that I need that shirt (although I will probably get the Tee shirt version) as its going to be my motto for the rest of 2015.

I Am Clearly Dopey

Despite this weekend only being my second race of the year and still a 5k distance, I am clearly out of my mind. I’m following through with my plan to #RunAllTheRaces2016

Dopey Confirmation

Yes, I am registered for the Dopey Challenge. Which means I need to step up my training so I’m ready to run a half for my proof of time by October, and be done with Galloway’s Dopey Training plan in time for the event in January. But after that the rest of #RunAllTheRaces2016 will be a breeze, as the Dopey is the hardest challenge.

So as I get back into the habit of training, I will also get back into the habit of running, so there should be many more posts come from me in the near future.

But today. Today I’m celebrating the fact that I have taken the first step to achieving my dream of running every runDisney event in 2016.

New Plans

Well, another week and I’m still not back to my regular routine. Evening conference calls, crappy weather and a little boy who refuses to take naps (then decides that 3 am is the perfect time to play for a few hours) has made it hard to find the energy to get through the 2.5+ mile runs that I’m supposed to be doing right now.

I SHOULD get back into the swing of things (although I’ve been saying that for almost 3 weeks now) this week. I ran on Sunday, and we are running tonight.

However, because of the delay, as well as a few other things, my plans/goals for this year have changed.

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Back to the Grindstone

Well, I will say that after the rough week I had last week, I’m doing much better this week. I think I’m ready to get back to regular blogging and the darkness has lifted is siege on me so I’m feeling better (but not quite motivated enough to find gifs and images to fill my blog posts with).

I went for a run Tuesday night. I noticed that my emotional state has a serious effect on my running. When I’m feeling good I perform better and struggle less. Unlike the last few weeks, I was able to more or less keep up with Hubby and I didn’t feel like I was dying by the end of the workout.

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