I’m Feeling

Its a new Dawn. Its a New Day. Its a New Life for me. And I’m Feeling….Good

Its a new week and I’m still riding those good feelings from last week. While it is still weird to have a default positive, I’m going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts. It’s so weird to have my emotional score be so high.


Who are you and what have you done with Sadness?

My Motivational Score is still low, but that is more from exhaustion/lack of sleep than from my mood. Apparently my sleep sucks so bad that I’m only getting about 4 hours of real sleep a night. That would explain my lack of energy.

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The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t

This was supposed to be the Thanksgiving That Wasn’t.

Money has been tight so Hubby decided to volunteer to work so we could have a little extra money for Christmas gifts.

I was actually disappointed when Hubby let me know they had decided not to schedule him, because it’s easier not to celebrate when there is an excuse like work.

But we agreed that the cost of a Turkey and sides would be better spent toward Christmas gifts, so I resigned myself to not having any sort of Thanksgiving this year.

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