Sometimes Good Weeks Happen

When you have depression, it’s pretty easy to just trudge through a life of black and grey where everything is either bad or not so bad (if you can feel anything at all). Good things may happen, but they are just tiny blips on the radar filled with blah.

But every once in a while, I have one of those weeks where things don’t feel quite so hopeless.

This is one of those weeks

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You know you are a Runner When…

I’ve noticed a lot of people who take up running (myself included) are very hesitant to call themselves “runners.”

Some set goals: “I can call myself a runner when I can run X pace”, “I can call myself a runner when I can run X distance”, “I can call myself a runner when I’ve done X number of races”
Others just come to a realization one day that they are a Runner and no longer hesitate to use the label.

I sort of put myself in that first group. I decided that I’d be able to call myself a runner once I was running half marathons and training for full marathons.

But this weekend I found myself having one of those “I am a runner” realizations.

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